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Web Design is Dead!

Web Design is Dead

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Do you still call yourself a web designer?

Are you spending hours upon hours trying to find the perfect colors/graphics to use in your web design?

What if I told you that web design doesn’t even matter and your wasting your time?

Look at your web design competition!

EVERYONE can design a website in this day and age.  There are so many sites with DIY systems, and so many different places to buy templates and themes.

Fact is web design has become just that.  It’s a fancy (or sometimes terrible) look that you put on the web that represents your company’s online presence.  It has turned into a complete aesthetic solution to the online market place.

People start to care more about what the site looks like rather than it’s functionality.

This is wrong!

What is your web design worth?

How do you apply the value in what you do?  What’s your client getting out of it besides something that looks great? Here’s a quote from a friend of mine.

“We recently had a total rebrand and a whole new look and feel to our internet site. (Content remained exactly the same). Everyone excited at what a difference this was going to make. It made absolutely no different to traffic, engagement or conversion.” – Doug

This happens all too often.  People think that the look of the site is going to make a huge difference in there results.  But the fact is people don’t change too much in there actions.

A shiny new look may give you an “oooo and aaaaaa” here and there but that’s about it.

You’re client wants to get business with their website and putting fancy clothing on a broken product isn’t going to fix it.

Fix your web design!

Learn to market! Push your copy writing skills! Get results!

Take the time to learn what your client needs and let them know that people aren’t really looking at the design so much.  They want information.  They are looking for quality info at a glance.

Learn Design Elements and Layout Strategies.

Calls to action should be clear.


There are 2 ways to make it as a web designer.  You can either become a master template creator and sell your themes/templates to other designers/developers.  With this approach, you really need to be good.

The second is broaden your horizons.  Learn the different aspects that make a good web design.  Learn how to make subtle changes to get people to take action.

Otherwise you may end up in the flood of web designers that are doing the same exact thing you are.  Don’t be a web monkey.

Learn Web Design That Sells

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