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The Top 3 Mistakes Beginner Bloggers Must Avoid (Infographic)

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As you take your first steps into the wide world of blogging, you’re going to have a lot of questions. More importantly, you’ll be prone to a few mistakes that every blogger has made at some point in their careers. While it’s important to learn from your mistakes, in this case I would prefer that you avoid them altogether.

Today we’ll look at three rookie blogger mistakes, followed by an infographic packed full of all the information a beginner blogger needs to succeed. When you’re finished here, you’ll be able to walk confidently forward on the path to a successful blog.

3 Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid at All Costs

Making mistakes is part of learning, but who says you can’t circumvent a few of them when it comes to your blog? Once you’ve browsing the various blog sites out there, and you’ve started your own, be sure to avoid these mistakes:

1. Don’t Auto-Play Music or Videos

This is a pet peeve of mine, and I’m certainly not alone. When you’re designing your blog, there are certain basic skills you’ll need, and that’s fine. You’ll hear about videos and possibly even music, but what you may not hear is that people prefer to start these things themselves.

Case and point: Do not assault your visitors with auto-playing music or videos. They slow down your loading speed and they’re obnoxious for someone who just wants to explore at their own pace.

2. Using Generic Anchor Text

Next up we have another practice that should never cross your vision. When you’re placing hyperlinks in your posts or content, you should always use anchor text that describes what you’re linking to. None of this “click here” stuff.

There’s also a science behind anchor text that you should familiarize yourself with so you’re making both your visitors and search engines happy.

3. Accidentally Plagiarizing

This is another one of those mistakes you may be making without knowing it. This is especially true when it comes to photos. If you simply Google an image and use it in your blog, you may be violating copyrights.

You would have to obtain permission from the image’s owner, which is why it’s easier to simply use the images you create yourself, or by downloading some from a royalty-free website like Pixabay.  

You can also use Copyscape to see if anyone has been plagiarizing your content. In the end, just make sure you’re using your own content and images. That unique factor is also great for your SEO.

With these things in mind, check out the infographic below for a look at all the things a beginner blogger needs to succeed! Let us know which tips helped you the most in the comments!



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