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I got a new podcast!

This is going to be shrot as I haven’t posted in Forever!!! I still gotta set up the podcast page and what not BUUUUTTTTT here’s the quick of it.

Developer To Millionaire is dead. Sorry, just couldn’t keep up with it, life happens, we move on. I got some great content on there, I’ll have to try and put it on the new podcast, but it’s when I have the time.

My new Podcast is on ANCHOR!!! Here’s the link to it:


(The Correct Link, SOrry about that)

It’s also on iTunes and Google and all the fun sites that have podcasts on them as TheJonPerezShow!

It’s fun for me so I talk about anything that’s really on my mind at the time, so check it out and enjoy!!

That’s all I got! Have a blessed day!!

How To Build A Home Page with the Genesis Framework Part 2

This is part 2 of the Agency Pro Home Page Series (is 2 a series?).  In this episode, I dive into the code that actually makes the home page.   Read More

Free GOOD High Res Stock Photo Resources

Here’s a list of some really cool and good high-res stock photography. And it’s all FREE!!

The ones on the top I use frequently =) – Nice Site, good for modern stuff. – Cool Photos – This is my new favorite! – I just signed up =) – Random Images – Same as unsplash – Old, vintage images. – It’s ok.

These are great resources but it’s always hard to sometimes find the right image, so it’s good to try and think outside the box, or just add some text when you can =).


Big thanks to Stan Dosky for providing these extra photo resources:


Checkout out to create amazing graphics, really fast!

Do you have any more that you use? I’d love to hear in the comments! =)

UPDATE – Added from the comments.

How to Beat Burnout

So you have a bunch of work and you just can’t seem to finish a project!  You’re almost at the finish line and you just want it done, but it seems like every little thing is taking forever.  Simple tasks begin to drag and before you know it, you don’t want to work on it anymore.  You are officially a victim of burn out. But don’t worry, I have solution!  Read More

Payment First?

When it comes to asking for money, people start to act funny. This is not a poem I swear.  Why is it that we have a problem asking for money when we provide a service?  Work isn’t free and money is a part of business.  I go as far as saying, pay me first, then I’ll do the work! How dare I!!!? It’s easy… Read More

Why You Should Use The Genesis Framework vs Anything Else

Before I start this post, let me just make it clear that this is not a cheap attempt to get affiliate sales (though I will be putting my aff link in, cause if I don’t, that would be stupid.), nor is it a ploy to encourage you to use something just because I use it. There, in fact, is legitimate reason why you should be using the Genesis Framework when you develop a website.

I came up with these reasons after working with multiple clients, who seem to constantly have issues using other platforms. It seems to me that what other frameworks, themes, etc., lack is what make the Genesis Framework the go to for web development.

The answer is very simple –

Simplicity and Flexibility. Read More

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