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I suck at juicing… but I'm good at websites!

Not talking the “Pump ::clap:: You Up!” kind of juicing.  I’m talking the kind with a bunch of fruits and veggies trying to get healthy type of juicing.

This morning I grabbed my Nutribullet, and in attempts to get healthy, I started to load it up!

I added spinach, some apple juice, carrots, banana, strawberries, and blackberries, and some water because it was going to be way too thick.

I blended what appeared to be a giant mud puddle.  The color was not attractive at all.

Screw it. I need to be healthy!  Chug, Chug, Chug! AWFUL!!!!!

Clearly, juicing is not my forte.

What is my forte, though, is websites.  I’ve got a knack for figuring out the hard stuff, coming up with strategies, and all the like.

Just like juicing, what a lot of people do, is throw in a bunch of ingredients, and hope for the best.  But the results just aren’t there.

Check this out.

I’ve worked with Jonathan Perez over the past two years. I’d describe him as a web design firecracker! This guy has so much energy and enthusiasm that it’s exhausting for the rest of us. He combines the visual sensitivity of a top designer with the vision of an entrepreneur. And – to top it all – he’s also a damn good laugh. – Ben Hunt

That’s not to brag or boast, but just as a little reassurance of the mindset that I put towards everything I do.  There’s a method to the madness, and maybe I won’t make you laugh every time, but I’ll be damn sure to help you figure things out when you get stuck.  That’s what I do! It’s my passion to educate and help.

I ran a survey a while back and asked my list (many of you) what they wanted to see with the future of SureFire.  A LOT of folks replied with coaching and consulting.  Well, I’ve got some good news!

While I don’t have a full coaching program yet, I’m slowly getting there.  My fears and insecurity is what’s really holding me back, plus I don’t want to just be another coach, it has to mean something to me, so it’ll be a while before I jump on that boat.  HOWEVER, I do enjoy consulting, and helping others when they need it.

So here’s the next step…

I recently created a profile.  While I’m not fully versed on how the platform actually works, I listed a few areas of expertise, set the pricing, etc.  This is a stepping stone headed in the right direction and I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to help a lot more people.So if you ever want to pick my brain, ask a question about how to approach something, what tool may be best for…, come up with a email strategy, words of encouragement, or really anything that has to do with websites (building, marketing, etc.), then check me out on Clarity.

Here’s my clarity profile.

If I’ve already helped you in some way in the past, it’d be amazing if you could leave me a review on the website.  Thanks so much!

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