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Your Social Media Strategy Sucks!

You love Facebook.  You love Twitter.  You love Instagram, StumbleUpon, linked in, etc.

You probably have a profile for each one.  Someone probably told you that you needed it because everyone’s on it.

I say that’s all BS.  You only need what you’re going to use and I guarantee that you pay attention more to your business then you do about “chatting” with people on your social media profiles.

That’s exactly why your social media strategy sucks! But I can help …

Actually, I only think I can help. Of course I can only go off of what my experience is.  My Experience tells me that you need a social presence BUT you also have to use it.

I don’t mean “use it” by contacting your cousin on Facebook and saying that you shared a post.  I mean put your social media to work.

What I’ve done so far with my social media strategy

In the past two weeks I’ve done two things.  I cancelled my Facebook account and put all my “social” efforts into twitter.

My facebook account was filled with probably what everyone’s facebook account is filled with;  Friends, Family, and Acquaintances.  Plus I rarely updated it because all everyone would post would be quotes, where should I go tonight, what should I eat, and everything in between.  There was nothing there that would help me push my content or ideas further, so I cancelled it.

My twitter account was a bit different.  The people that followed me on twitter only found me through my website.  So my audience on twitter could relate much more to what I’m saying.

I used this to my advantage!  I started to follow a few more influential people, and I started to engage in conversations.  That’s it.

What I noticed was that once I started to be a little more active on my twitter account, responding to tweets, and tweeting a bit more, I doubled my twitter followers!

What did I learn?

I learned that my Facebook account was just a distraction.  While trying to manage my twitter, then being distracted at Facebook posts, and working on my business projects, I was losing touch with everything and easily losing my focus!

So what can you do to make your Social Media Strategy Suck Less?

Pick a Social Outlet to focus on whether it’s twitter or Facebook or anything else.  Start using it.  Seriously. Pick the one you want to use, and use it!  Start having conversations, promote some posts, etc.  Talk to people.  It’s just like networking.

And now that I’m re-focused on my twitter account. I reactivated my Facebook account.  And here’s the first thing I wrote:

Hey ALL!!! I’m getting rid of my facebook friends and I’m going to start using this account for strictly business and Web Related Topics. I’m going to wait until the end of the week but if Your Interested in making money and learning about web design etc, let me know and I’ll keep you on.

I’m going to start building a community of people with the same interests. I’m also going to be making my profile public.

So, if your interesting in web design and making money via a network of connections and business, let me know! Friday I’ll start deleting. Thanks All!!!

Twitter is good, but you can get more in depth conversations on Facebook, and that’s what my aim will be. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

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Facebook Sucks. [/sws_yellow_box]

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