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Perfection Is For Suckers

Yeah, I said it! Perfection is for suckers!

The problem is, so many of us need things to be perfect.  You may think you don’t, but if a site is taking you forever and a day to launch because this or that isn’t right, then you’re a sucker!

I’m not trying to be mean; I just want to get this through to anyone who is going through the never ending project struggle.  The projects that need this logo moved over 2 pixels to the left, and this text needs to be a little bigger, and let me get ten people to look at this before I get back to you.  And WE’VE ALL BEEN THROUGH THIS!  If you’re not currently a sucker, I bet you were.

I definitely was!  There was always this constant need of “The client just needs to be happy.” or “The client needs to approve this, I mean it’s their site.”  Looking back and learning from everything I’ve done, I realized, this is a horrible way to manage clients!

First, let’s look at perfection in it’s most basic form.  It’s ENTIRELY SUBJECTIVE!  What’s perfect for you isn’t’ perfect for someone else, and what’s perfect for them isn’t perfect for their partner and so on and so on.

You end up in this never ending cycle of people who want things to be perfect the only way they see it, and much like art, no one knows what they’re talking about.

I was just listening to the new Gary V Book, “Ask Gary Vee” and it’s excellent so far.  He said something like “I hate perfection.  Just move on.  Perfection is in the eye of the beholder my friend,” and man, I could not agree more!

When you take on a project, yes, the client is paying, but much like I pay a mechanic to fix my car, I’m not going to start telling him how to put together my transmission.  I don’t know why web designers take so much crap from clients.

Who’s the professional web guru here?  You run your business, and let me run mine.  My job is to help you, not to do whatever you want.  Why? Because you don’t know anything about the web!

Simple as that!

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