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List of 10 Brilliant Tools for Web Designers and Developers

Guest Post by: Tracey Jones

In the web development sphere, it becomes essential for each and every web designer and developer to come out with some brilliant ideas and concepts. It is always good to keep yourself up to date with the advanced web designing and developments technologies as it allows you to bring an innovation approach into your work. However, it is quite difficult for such professionals to survive in the ever-growing web development world if he/she is not aware with the new-age tools.

No doubt that there is a lot of stress among the developers and designers to pop out the best quality, feature-rich websites and applications for a large number of the web and mobile customers.

In order to make their job easy, we bring you some of the new-generation tools for web designers and developers.

Let us explore the 10 most useful web designing and development tools:


With the growing number of services, it is quite difficult to find the best Prototyping tool that can offer you highly advanced features and capabilities. But with the introduction of tool, you can craft fully interactive and reliable prototypes that work and look like your application, without even writing a single line of code.

It is an easy to use tool that comes with drag-and-drop interface and also uses gestures such as swipes and pinches. It also supports animations such as fades, flips, pops, slides and turns. With the use of this prototyping tool, you can create a compelling prototype easily and quickly.

Furthermore, it allows you to develop the highly-intuitive Apple watch prototypes, along with some jaw-dropping features such as Mini-scrollbar, Modal Screen/ Model transitions, Push notification, Page-based screen, screen transitions and animations, Glance and swipe gestures and more.

2. GreenKeeper


Now you don’t need to worry about npm dependencies breaking your build because GreenKeeper automates dependency updates and let you know about build failures. It is one of the powerful web designing tools because it sends a pull request with the newpackage.json whenever your dependencies got updated.

GreenKeeper is used to run continuous integration tests and you can also keep your software up to date by clicking on GitHub’s merge button. Isn’t it simple?

Although, it is a free web designing tool for public respos on GitHub, but if you want to use its private repositories, you need to spend some bucks.

3. Stylesheets


Stylesheets have an ample collection of all the CSS-related resources, generated by the community of caliber web designers.  It is an amazing web designing tool that allows the web designers to find and share the CSS-related tools, tutorials, snippets, and much more.

It gives you the flexibility to post the CSS resource.  Here, you will get an opportunity to know new about the latest technology, tools, tutorials, etc related to CSS.

4. Fontello


Fontello is an amazing Icon Fonts Generator that instantly packs vector images into eye-catchy icons. At, you can find the wide collection of open-source icons that can add icons in your website, or you can also download the font file to represent icons in software programs.

Fontello is a very interactive and user-friendly tool that makes the job of a web designer easy. You just need to access the fontello website, choose the most suitable icons, type the name f your font and download it. Isn’t it easy? In fact, you can also edit the name and codes of your icon.

5. Foundation 5

Foundation 5 

The growing demand for responsive design shows that each and every website owner wants to make their website compatible with different devices with the aim to drive more visitors from both the desktop computers and mobile devices. However, it is pretty hard to stay up to date with the latest approach of R &D.

But with the use of Foundation 5 tool, you can create intriguing responsive websites and application that can look brilliant on any device. It is a fully customizable, semantic, accessible, and compatible web designing tool that allows you to provide any type of content (such as videos or canvas, HTML partials, etc) depending on the width of device’s screen.

It also provides the improved support system that means you can get detailed code examples and also solve the queries of newbie Foundationeers.

6. HTML5Maker


HTML5Maker is an ideal tool for those who want to perform advertising campaigns or for those who want to showcase their personal blog with animations. It is an online web development tool built by OnlyMega LLC. It allows you to craft animated content such as banners or sliders that you can insert in your site.

This is a user-friendly tool that creates animations with responsive design so that you can display your multimedia content on all devices with multiple screens. HTML5Maker offers you the built-in templates that you can edit and download easily and quickly.

Now you can create animations that will remain compatible with Google Double-click and Google AdWords.

7. Sencha Touch 2

Sencha Touch 2 

Sencha Touch 2 is an awe-inspiring web development tool that allows developers to create, develop and manage cross-platform web apps instantly. With the help of this tool, you can design enchanting web applications by using inbuilt and pre-tested elements. It also becomes easy to style, mock up, prototype and enhance UX designs.

To an addition, you can also speed up your web application development process by using an enterprise-ready framework. You can also cut down the development cost by developing the app once for different platforms and devices.

Sencha is also a versatile platform for collecting, managing, protecting and analyzing your web applications. It smoothly distributes web apps to desktops, tablets and advanced mobile devices. 

8. BugMuncher 


BugMuncher is an easy-to-use bug reporting tool. It is used to get bug reports and other feedbacks related to your site from your users. It automatically fetches the important information that a user won’t be able to signify, such as the name of their installed browser plugin, JS errors, version of the browser and more.

The best thing about BugMuncher tool is that it automatically adds accurate, illustrated screenshots, which minimize the requirement for browser plugins. It fetches data such as a browser, OS, plugins through the site. In fact, this tool automatically logged in to detect JS errors and AJAX requests.

9. Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot is a powerful web development tool that comes with 50 monitors and five minutes interval checks. It monitors your website in every five minutes to detect problems with site or server and alters you about the existing issue.

In fact, you can freely choose the way in which you want to get a notification such as Twitter, e-mail, SMS, etc.

10. Adobe Edge Inspect

Adobe Edge Inspect

Abode Edge Inspect is a great application for web developers who what to preview their content on all mobile devices. You just need to pair your devices with your computer and fetch screenshots and view real-time results from changes to CSS, JS, and HTML.

This tool comes with some of the advanced features such as remote inspection, cache management, synchronized browsing, HTTPS support, URL monitoring, Localhost support, Amazon kindle fire support and much more.


In this post, we have highlighted the 10 most brilliant web designing and development tools that will help designers and developers to build highly-interactive and next-generation websites and web applications.

Author Bio: Tracey Jones has vast experience in the web development field. Presently she works as a front end WordPress developer at HireWPGeeks. She is fond of writing WordPress tutorials and always lookout for opportunities to interact with WordPress communities. Follow her company on social media networks like: Twitter, Facebook and Google+.
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