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Interview with Brent Weaver from UGURUS

This interview was FAN FREAKIN TASTIC!

Big shout to Brent for coming on and doing his thing.  To sum up who Brent Weaver is in a short sentence: Super smart guy who built a web agency, sold it, then started UGURUS to show everyone else how to do it.

I suck at show notes plus we chatted about so many things in this episode.  It runs a little over an hour, here are some of the talking points:


  • Brent lived in Australia for 6 months.
  • Started his business early.
  • Found great success with one particular client but quickly learned not to put all your eggs in one basket.
  • Are Websites a commodity? We had a fun discussion about that and the future of web design.
  • We chatted about getting clients.
  • How and why Brent spent 100k on his website.

And there’s so much more in this episode.  Have a listen and Enjoy!!



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