Ep. 4 – Interview with Ben Hunt

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Today we have Ben Hunt on the podcast.

ben-hunt-cleanBen studied fine arts in school and fell in love with it, then when he was at university he learned how to make web pages and use his art skills. He had a lot of free time so he started to make tutorials about visual design using skills he learned as he went. From the beginning Ben found that he had an eye for the design aspect of creating web pages.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • How important minimalist designs are.
  • You can measure the results of anything you do.
  • Why design is marketing.
  • Why the design and development market is getting smaller.
  • How you can utilize the market, regardless of competition.

Ben wrote “Save the Pixel,” an ebook and almost a manual about minimal design on the web.  If you haven’t heard of it or read it yet, it’s something you definitely need to add on your list.

Ben found that he learned more about design just by writing “Save The Pixel”. He learned that what he thought was design was actually marketing. He also found that you can measure the results of anything you do. By doing so, you can use that information to learn what works and what doesn’t. He spent the next few years experimenting with web design to figure out how and why some things work better than others.

He explains why the design of a website needs to fit the brand. Every website is different because every website has a different goal. Design is not graphic art; design is creating something new to accomplish something. After many tests on conversions, he found that the only times graphic design changes conversions is when there was a major problem to begin with. In other words, it’s graphic design is not as important as the content on a website. It’s important to know who you are, what you want to say, and who your audience is.

With the internet there has become an increased amount of opportunities for people to publish their work and design online. With more opportunity, it seems that the market has gotten smaller because there are so many people doing the same things.

The market is drying up for people who can make custom sites, design, etc. Just because something is custom doesn’t mean that it’s better, there will always be a market for the custom graphics, CSS, etc. Just don’t stay where you are: create a product you make once and can sell again and again, or work for a company that is beginning and needs that custom aspect, lastly you can move into more of a marketing role to help people figure out their message.

Not every client needs to have a custom site. It’s more important to create something that works for someone’s message rather than making sure it’s custom. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it’s already done for you because you can focus on building your client’s message and ideas.

Lots of takeaways in this podcast! Get your notepads ready and enjoy!


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