Interview with Brent Weaver from UGURUS

Press Play and have a listen: (01:13:40)

This interview was FAN FREAKIN TASTIC!

Big shout to Brent for coming on and doing his thing.  To sum up who Brent Weaver is in a short sentence: Super smart guy who built a web agency, sold it, then started UGURUS to show everyone else how to do it.

I suck at show notes plus we chatted about so many things in this episode.  It runs a little over an hour, here are some of the talking points:


  • Brent lived in Australia for 6 months.
  • Started his business early.
  • Found great success with one particular client but quickly learned not to put all your eggs in one basket.
  • Are Websites a commodity? We had a fun discussion about that and the future of web design.
  • We chatted about getting clients.
  • How and why Brent spent 100k on his website.

And there’s so much more in this episode.  Have a listen and Enjoy!!



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