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WordPress Hosting Tips and WPEngine Review

First I’d like to say, I never really gave a crap about hosting. I would always just try to find a cheap solution because I just needed a place to put my sites up.

I was stupid.

You should care where your site is hosted

In fact, you need to care where it’s being hosted. One of the most important reasons I can think of is security.

If you haven’t had the lovely pleasure of getting your WordPress site hacked, then you’re lucky!

Back when the whole timthumb exploit was buzzing, I had several sites broken into and links injected everywhere! It was the most frustrating thing I ever had to deal with. Took me almost 2 weeks to finally get everything sorted out!

Another reason you should care is speed and performance! Have you ever gone to a site that takes forever to load! I haven’t either, because it took FOREVER TO LOAD!! It raises a huge flag to the user when they’re browsing the web and your site is the slow one. Consider them gone!

The hosting company bounce.

I have tried a few different “cheap” solutions for hosting and had no luck. I tried HostGator, but got really annoyed with them when their site said something was included, and then I found out it wasn’t. CANCELED IT.

I never tried but I had clients who hosted with GoDaddy. Don’t even get me started on that service!! (3 Reasons Why I Hate GoDaddy Hosting)

Then I have my old host who I still have an account with ( I have no problems with my current host at all. I’ve been with them for a while and never had any issues! Don’t plan on leaving them either =). I just wanted something that can make my WordPress sites better.

The cost of plugins

Plugins can get costly, especially when you need a dev license to run on all of the sites you have! My plugin cost was getting a bit pricey.

For security I used Sucuri (amazing and great), but that cost about $300/yr. Then to back up, I needed BackUp Buddy, $150/yr.

Then the maintenance for each of my sites was just taking time out of my day. Update to new WordPress, update plugins, etc. It was either manually do it all, or get another plugin like ManageWP, another cost to add.

Do this for like 15 – 20 sites, and it get’s very time consuming!

Enter WPEngine

Now I’m going to be perfectly honest with you, I visited the WPEngine site multiple times to check it out. I looked at the prices and I was like “I’m not going to pay this.”

WPEngine is not the cheapest hosting, nor should it be. I signed up as a chance. I spoke to a few of my clients and asked them if they wanted better hosting. I explained everything that was included and only a handful said OK. That’s what pushed me to sign up for it!

But I am so happy that I did, and now having experienced it, I would gladly pay the cost to have them host my WordPress sites.

Why should I use WPEngine

Here’s my breakdown list from what I experience so far:

  1. Speed – Almost immediately after I signed up for WPEngine and transferred my site, it loaded a million times faster (slight exaggeration). Seriously though, it was fast. I clicked and I didn’t even wait for a page to load. Fast
  2. Support – This was a new system to me because it’s not your average CPanel hosting platform. I had questions, like 10 of them. I opened the tickets, didn’t wait long at all for responses, and they helped me out each and every time. It was smooth.
  3. CDN – A content delivery network is included (in the higher package). If you’re not familiar with CDN’s, they basically make your site even faster by delivering them through a server that is meant to load things fast! They are also not cheap. So on top of the speed that WPEngine was providing, I get a CDN to load my site even faster! Awesome!
  4. Security and Updates – A secure site is an up to date one (my quote). After transferring a few sites I’m getting email notifications, “Your timthumb script is out of date, don’t worry we updated it for you.” “There’s a new version of WordPress out, we took care of your updates.” I sat back and smiled! It’s secure, it’s updated, I have no worries.
  5. Back Ups – I don’t need a plugin for this anymore. I go to the site and I click “Add Restore Point” and a backup is made. If I want to revert my site to a specific back up, I just click it. Done!
  6. Its WordPress – The hosting is WordPress. It’s meant for nothing else except WordPress. To make a new site, you just click, “New WordPress Install” and your site is up! It’s so easy. When you log in to your site, you have a little “WPEngine” link that takes you anywhere you need to go within your account.

Not all is simple and easy though. If you’re not a little tech savvy then actually transferring sites can be a bit of a pain. So I would suggest you have your web dev do it, or contact WPEngine and I’m sure they can do something for you!

Honorable Mention
There’s also a staging area for your sites. I haven’t tried this yet but I do hear that it’s pretty amazing. You basically just click “Create Staging Area” and it makes a copy of your site that you can go to town on. When your done making the changes you need, you replace your live site with it. Updates made easy!

No more downloading, duping the database, local server, testing checking, uploading, etc.

So in conclusion…

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*Of course it’s an affiliate link


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Where do you host now? Have you tried a WordPress specific host yet? What do you think?

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0 comments on WordPress Hosting Tips and WPEngine Review

  1. Ben Boykin says:

    All the rationale you provided Jonathan is stuff I’ve been thinking about – security, performance, backups, etc., etc. I’m about ready to pull the trigger myself on something. Appreciate your sharing your insights and yes, that hacking stuff, uggghhh…., sometimes it just pays for peace of mind doesn’t it : ) Cont’d success to you bro!

  2. John says:

    I made the switch to WPengine last year and am thoroughly pleased with the service. The only annoying thing for me is the domain limits. Most of my sites are very low on resources yet i am still limited to 10 and it is not financially viable to add site number 11…
    With the current pricing structure it is cheaper to open a separate account for each site on sites 11 through 14…and then once i am up to 15 sites i move to the 25-site package and close all the extra accounts!
    I still have my other vps accounts, so at the moment only my most important stuff gets the red carpet treatment.
    btw – since Google removed the free apps for business, what are you recommending to clients as an email solution?

    1. Jonathan says:

      I’m on the same boat, though I make sure that my costs are covered by the clients so I don’t exceed what I can spend on the awesome hosting =). But I still have my other hosting account as well.

      I haven’t had a situation yet in regards to mail since I slowed down on my client stuff… That sucks that Google did that. I honestly have no idea what other email services are out there that are reliable…

      If you know of any, please share as I’m sure the situation will come up sooner or later.

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