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How I got over 2,000 visitors in a week!

I started with zero and got over 2,000 visitors in one week to my blog. Just follow these simple directions and you to can get over 2,000 visitors in a week.


OK, I’m sorry for the trickery but I’ve read a bunch of these articles that show you what they’ve done and how amazing and simple it is. But I want to clear the air. It’s not easy to get 2,000 visitors to your website. If it was, everyone would be doing it.

Allow me to break this down with methods that I’ve seen that claim to work.

I’ve reached out to my social media/contacts

If you’re like everyone else who has a facebook or twitter with the majority being family and friends, this method probably won’t work that well. If this does get you traffic, I’ll consider it empty traffic. The reason is because the audience that’s looking at it, is only looking at it because they know you, they probably don’t even know what your talking about on your website!

The Rebuttal
You’ve worked hard to establish a good social media outlet with facebook and twitter and you have tons of followers that are interested in what you have to say. You launch a site and reach out to them, BAM! 2,000 visits! Good luck =).

I’ve researched keywords and optimized my articles

Well that’s great! You need to do this if you want any traffic at all. Here’s the thing, if you’re a new site, Google isn’t just going to visit your site and make you number 1. You need time to be indexed, then you need to make your website an authority, meaning be popular! Get other sites to link to you, re-post your articles, be somebody. That isn’t done in a day, or a week, sometimes not even a month. It takes time to establish yourself.

Once you do establish yourself, then you’ll start to notice that people are finding you on search engines and other sites as well.

I’ve done guest posts

Unless you do a guest post on a blog that has thousands upon thousands of visitors, all your doing is establishing credibility and getting a good link back to your site.

I’ve done guest posts as well, you know how much traffic I got from them… maybe 20 visits. That’s on a blog that gets almost 10,000 visitors A DAY!! Here’s my guest post, 6 Essential Business Tips to Grow Your Side Business.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s incredibly important and absolutely necessary to do guest blog posts. The actuality is although it may get you some traffic, it’s really making you a reputable figure in your industry. To me, that’s the sole reason why you should guest post, not for a traffic jump (because you probably won’t get it).

The Bottom Line

Here’s the bottom line. Overnight traffic success is complete BS. It takes time and hard work to build up a network of valuable traffic. The article by Brian Clark, Five Ways a Minimum Viable Audience Helps You Create a Successful Startup, is an absolute must read.

Of course it’s possible to get 2,000 people to your site in a day/week. But you have to start somewhere and establish yourself in an industry before that can happen.

[sws_yellow_box box_size=””] No I did not get over 2,000 visits in a day! I actually average about 100 users a day and I’ve started pushing this blog almost a year ago. What I did do was create a great network of people that get me involved in projects that pay my bills =). Another article on that at another time! BTW, this article is also a little experiment to see what kind of traffic articles like this do bring in. We’ll see… [/sws_yellow_box]

What do you think of the 2,000 visits in a day story?

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  1. WebSynthesis says:

    Congrats Jonathan! You are definitely right that growing an audience is not easy. Unfortunately, some people seem to think that you can just buy a domain name, slap a copy of WordPress on it, and people will come. The more realistic folks understand that, unless you already come to the game with a large brand/following, it will take diligence, effort, and humility to attract and keep an audience. And, of course, going to Brian Clark for guidance is one of the best ways to learn how to do this. 🙂 (Sure, we’re biased, but his track record his speaks for itself.)

    Kudos on the growth and keep it up! And keep spreading messages like these. Anyone looking to build an audience and business online can benefit from such practical advice.


    1. Jonathan says:

      Well, Brian Clark is definitely someone good to have on your side! Thanks for the awesome comment Jerod, and I’ll definitely keep posting!

  2. MA Tunç says:

    Nice and clean read. Thanks for the whole blog’n posts. Keep rocking 😉

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