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Hey Web People, Stop Being So Cheap

What if I told you that you could run your entire business, headache free, for less than $500 a month. What if I said less then $250? Some of you are probably like, “Ok that sounds good”, and others are more like “I ain’t got no $500 a month to spend on that!” Whether you’re one or the other, read on…


First, let’s break this down. Not the definition of business, but what it actually is. We all know what business is right? But sometimes we just need it spelt out.

Business is what you do every day. It’s how you make money, how you transact and interact with other people. It’s your systems, your emails lists, your accounting software and EVERYTHING in between.

In summary, it’s THE BIG PICTURE.

It’s no secret that it costs money to run a business. Overhead, salaries, software, and other things are going to contribute to your day to day expenses.

So running a business for $500/month or less, is a pretty sweet deal.

So why is it that so many of us are EXTREMELY hesitant to invest in what we do every day.

Essential Expenses

When you have a web business, there are few things that you NEED to spend money on. If you don’t have any of these or only have a few, then you should probably add them. (I’m speaking on 10 years of freelancing and running a business).

  1. Email List Generator
  2. Accounting Software or Service
  3. Hosting
  4. Work (be it outsourcing or salary that you pay yourself)
  5. Domain
  6. Email

A few added extras that aren’t required off the bat are:

  1. Marketing
  2. Cushion Money for plugins or whatever else.

Now here and there you’ll have some extra expenses, but you’ll also have some free options as well.


Is everyone cheap? Yes.

What we look for in products is value. The thing with value, is usually the better it is, the more expensive it’s going to cost. As business owners, we also can’t spend every dime we make, we need to churn profit.

So we bootstrap. We try to find that same value as the expensive guys, but spend less money doing it.

I should turn this into a free cheat sheet or something (and I’m sure I will) but here’s a list of the things that I personally use to run my business.

  • Email – Google Apps ($5 a month or $50/yr per user)
  • Email List – Active Campaign ($9/mo)
  • Hosting – $100/mo (knocked back from 250/mo and almost 600/mo)
  • Work – My time is invaluable, but I also have freelancers that help me out and this can get expensive, but it saves me time and headaches.
  • Domain – 10/year namecheap and godaddy
  • Accounting – zoho books ($24/mo)

Extras –
EDD Addons (about 400/yr) – But this literally runs my entire online operation.
Contactually – Customer Retention ($40/mo)

So you don’t need the extras, but there’s there because they help me run my business. Their essential parts of MY business. You may have some things that you need to run your business, so you would need to add those as well.

Total Cost to run my business per month: $211.33

Holy crap, that’s a lot less than I thought!! This doesn’t include the random purchasing of plugins I try out and things like that, but everything I mentioned RUNS my business.

And yes, I still churn a profit!

So what if it costs too much?

Business isn’t free. It’s a cost that you need to run effectively and efficiently. So what if it’s 5 bucks a month, 10 bucks, or even 50 bucks! Is it going to help you? Will it save time? Can you do with one less headache from purchasing it?

Then stop complaining about the price and INVEST in your business.

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