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Getting To Know Thrive Leads

Now while I’m a HUGE fan of Beaver Builder, mainly because of their simplicity and usability, there’s also another page builder out there called Thrive Content Builder.  I haven’t been using it much but the Thrive team has been busy making all sorts of cool new things to play with.  One of those is things is called Thrive Leads. 

Thrive Leads is an optin plugin.  It allows you to create email optin forms on your website.  Now before I get into all the praise of the plugin just to make an affiliate sale (as most do), I just want to be real with you.  The plugin isn’t perfect.  In my video below you’ll see me working with it and making a pop up and slide in optin (currently on my site).  It’s incredibly powerful but there are a few things I had an issue with.

I’m going to say some of the cons that I see in the plugin, then you can watch the video, see how it’s used, and make a decision.


I can’t display two optins at the same time.
The way I had it set up before was the light box showed up on every page.  If a user was on a single page, the light box would still show. They could close it, but as they scrolled down, the slide in would show.

Can’t do this in Thrive Leads. It will only show one.   And I’m not sure if it was a bug or something, but when you ‘change the priority’ even if you’re excluding pages, some of them still won’t show.

As an example I had my slide in above my pop up, but that made my pop up not work.  At all, just wouldn’t show up.  Even though, my slide in was ONLY for single pages.

This could be a good thing I guess, so it doesn’t annoy your users, but when it didn’t show at ALL, that was a bit wonky to me.

The spacing
This may just be my preference but the spacing when you’re building something isn’t the same as when it’s actually live.

An example would be when I was building the bar you see on the top of the site, when I swapped out the form for a button, I spent like an hour trying to figure out how to edit the spacing, because on the edit screen, the button was floating down and the text wasn’t centered right.

I couldn’t really figure it out so that’s why the button is huge.

The Extra Stuff
I’m sure some people love it, but I found it a bit annoying that if I wanted to add an icon, it didn’t have the sets already included.  I had to click the “icon manager” which is a big menu in my admin, then find a set that I want to use, and upload the font file.  THEN I had access to it.  I’d personally just prefer if they had a basic one already installed and ready to use.

The same is with fonts, and they added a third menu called Thrive Light Boxes.  One suggestion would be to put all of these added menu items directly into the Thrive Leads menu item.  Adding three more admin links on top of the Thrive Leads one just makes it messy.

Not too bad eh!  Other than those, this is an awesome Optin Plugin and the templates are beautiful!  I’m sticking with it for now, though I’m not completely sold on completely leaving IceGram, other then the fact that Thrive has a good affiliate program (business is business).

The Good Things

I’ll just shoot off a quick list here but you can check out the video.

  • Beautiful Templates
  • Lots of options to add into each element.
  • Easy form integration
  • A/B Testing (essential in my opinion)
  • Cool Short Code Attribute
  • Easy Double Optin Set up
  • Great Reporting

Enjoy the video!

Check Out Thrive Leads

Update: I added a widget and made it a “priority” so it shows on top of everything else, but not there are no optins on my site except for the widget? Not sure what’s going on here but I’m not liking this.

Update 2: My email sign ups have seriously dropped.  Not only that, but the impressions on each of my optins have completely dropped as well!! I think I’m done with this plugin, going to go back to iceGram. BUT IT LOOKS SO PRETTY! =(

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