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A lot of these posts were originally on So if you found them through search engines or clicking around, this is their new home :). Enjoy!

Genesis Framework Tutorials

I believe it’s important to give back to the community. On my site you’ll find a bunch of tutorials about the Genesis Framework like How to make an Easy Genesis Grid Loop for Your Theme, How to add a cool code block to the end of your posts!, Using the Genesis Featured Image, and much more.

There are so many other resources out there though! I’d like to share a few of the blogs and posts and tutorials that I often visit to get some incredibly useful info on the Genesis Framework.

Carrie Dils

Carrie is a great part of the Genesis Community and has offered many great tutorials.

Be sure to visit Carrie’s blog for more awesome updates.

Jess Petersen

Jesse is also great at what he does and is incredibly knowledgable in more than just Genesis. Here’s a few posts that can help you out.

Kim Doyal

The WPChick is great!

Some more awesome sites to find Genesis Framework Tutorials

Not specifically Genesis but definitely worth checking out!

  • WP Beginner – Great tutorials on WordPress. Incredibly resourceful.
  • Bourne Creative Blog – A blog for the web business.
  • CSS Tricks – Enhance your CSS skills along with tutorials and information on web code.
  • Real Fat Media – An amazing company and amazing blog.
  • Paul Und – Possibly Everything you need to know about WordPress
  • Codrops – I’d say this is the future of web code. Tips and tricks for modern browsers.

And that’s my list! I hope this helps out anyone who is interested in meeting more people in the Genesis Community and learn more about what you can do with the Genesis Framework and business in general.

If you have any more to add, please do in the comments! Also be sure to follow me on twitter @surefirewebserv to network with some more amazing people!

About the Author
What's UP! This is my site, I write 99% of the articles on here. I'm also the owner of I help out a lot of developers and designers getting into the web game. Helping is fun for me, so feel free to ask me any questions! I've made courses and have a membership as well to help get you on your feet!

0 comments on Genesis Framework Tutorials

  1. Carrie Dils says:

    Great compilation of resources – thanks for including me! 🙂

    1. Jonathan says:

      Of course!

  2. Kim Doyal says:

    Nice post Jonathan! I’m honored to be included in this- wow!
    Of course now I’ve got to go check everything out that I’m not familiar with. 😉
    Thanks again!

    1. Jonathan says:

      Well the community has your back! =)

  3. Syed Balkhi says:

    Thank you for including WPBeginner 🙂

    1. Jonathan says:

      Absolutely, I site that I visit frequently! And thanks to you, I now know more about hittail! =)

  4. Bob Dunn says:

    Hey Jonathan great post and so many familiar names. Love seeing these collections of Genesis resources!

    Don’t mean to be self-promotional, but the the beginner user of Genesis I have a collection of videos on the basics, a couple of child themes, and several of the Genesis plugins for anyone interested…


    1. Jonathan says:

      Self promote away!!! I love to see other sites and tuts that I didn’t know about! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Keith Davis says:

    Love it Jonathan
    Good to see Carrie, Jesse and Kim (the WPChick) up there.
    Three very different Genesis peeps who always make their posts informative and interesting at the same time.
    Thanks for putting this one together.

    Right time to crack the capture question “What is frozen water?”
    Cold… that’s no good.
    Hard… that neither.
    I know… colourless….

    1. Jonathan says:

      HAHAHA!! Those questions are auto generated, lol I should probably remove that one! To solve the crazy conundrum, the answer to Frozen Water is… ::drum roll::


  6. Ben Boykin says:


    Here are a couple more for the Genesis crowd: – lots and lots of stuff here – Brad’s main site is – David Wang

    1. Jonathan says:

      Thanks Ben!

    2. Keith Davis says:

      Hi Ben
      Brad posts some great stuff but doesn’t publicise it much – he’s also pretty active in the Genesis community forum.
      Good call on Brad’s site.

  7. Thank you for compiling the great resources! They will help me with the Genesis Themes I purchased!

    Great help!

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