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The Importance of Value Part 03

Your clients have things that they value. Understanding a client’s needs and values will help you do a much better job.

Clients have values too! When they’re giving their money to somebody, they generally have some expectations in mind.

Things Your Clients Value

Some can say that design doesn’t matter, but do you know what design is? The website doesn’t have to be a pretty piece of art, but in web design, you need to look professional. Web Design needs to communicate, and communicate effectively. The design should speak to the audience. The client needs to understand this and you need to explain it to them. The client wants the site to look nice, so you need to incorporate communication with your style.

You’re client knows money is important. How much goes in (what you’re charging) and how much goes out (the ROI or Return On Investment). A website is an investment. You must convey this to your client so that they understand what your doing, otherwise they can just go on wix and do it themselves.

Relationships / Trust
No one wants to work with someone they can’t stand. Business is business but it’s ok to have a friendly conversation once in a while. In the last post I mentioned that the client is the most important one you have, so make the client feel important. Build up the trust factor between yourself and your client by being open and honest. I’ll repeat that, BE OPEN AND HONEST! If you can’t do something, don’t say you can. The last thing you want to do is make a promise to a client that you can’t keep.


The truth is, all clients are different. These three things that I mentioned SHOULD be important to clients, but I can’t group every single client into it.

The key is to know who your audience is, learn about them, then apply your services to provide the best value you can. Understanding this and applying it will be the differentiator between you and your competitors. It’s what’s going to make you stand out and show that you have something to offer that people want.

You just got yourself some value!

I hope you enjoyed this little mini series on value, if you have any comments or questions just post it in the comments.

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