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Finding Your Niche

Have you ever read an article by someone who was so freakin’ inspiring you were like, “Yeah, that’s what I want to do”.

I did.

Actually it was 2 days ago when I read an article by Ryan Sullivan called “Why We Love the $500 Client.” A passionate article about what Ryan’s business is focused on and why he embraces the $500 client.

After reading this, I was thinking about how much I love doing small projects for people.

I admired how Ryan found his niche and is focused on what he not only excels at, but loves to do.

I also thought how it’s the same thing that I wanted to do. I then had to pause for a second and reevaluate what I was thinking.

I already do something like this with my Project Assistance Service, though it’s not the core of my business model, just a piece. Why was I so quick to change everything?

What Drives You?

I think it’s a motivation factor. When you see someone else’s site, you have no idea how successful or unsuccessful they are, but you assume that what they’re doing is working. You want to emulate that success.

Pippin Williamson builds plugins and is good at it, now I want to build plugins.
Ryan Sullivan runs WordPress Support and Maintenance, I want to do that too.
Brian Gardner builds Genesis Themes, I want a piece of that too!

How often do we try to emulate the success of others? This goes back to my Value Posts where I mention not trying to do everything.

But I know for a fact we struggle with the glamour of success.

The honest truth is you can’t do everything. It’s hard to swallow but you need to find what you excel at and focus on it.

Experiment with what works, then focus on it.

That’s your niche. Ryan Sullivan found his niche and passes on bigger clients. Pippin Williamson found his niche and stopped freelancing to work on his plugins.

Do you have the same issue that I (and I’m sure a bunch of other people) have? I love front-end stuff and keep an agency mentality. Sometimes I really have to remind myself that I’m only one person. I don’t have a team of people who can offer all the different services that I would like to be able to offer.

The thing is, I enjoy doing a little bit of everything, and that can ultimately be my downfall as well.

[restrict paid=true message=”This section is for 30k Subscribers”] I’m sure 2014 is going to bring about a big change as I’m experimenting with a few different things to see what works.You’ll notice that I got rid of my white label service. Why? It wasn’t bringing in the return I wanted.So far what’s been working is the PSD to Genesis course, as it’s already done and bringing in about $200/mo without me lifting a finger, except to market it a bit.

My Project Assistance Service has been getting quite a few quotes, also my standard contact form has people asking me for work. Leads are good! Some don’t pan out, but as long as they’re coming in, it gives me more freedom to choose what I want to do.

The ultimate goal is to offer less quantity but provide more quality. The more services you offer as an individual, the more likely you are to get stressed out, provide shabby work, and not be happy.

When you see something that starts to work, push it a little more. If it continues to work, start removing services that aren’t working as well.

Do this, and I’m sure that you’ll eventually find your niche.

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  1. It’s funny how many opportunities we have in just this one space. It wasn’t until I focused and then fully embraced our business model that I was able to really start having fun with it. Sure I still get drawn into other interests all the time, but where I’m at now is where I’ll be happy for a long time 🙂

    1. Jonathan says:

      That’s great Ryan! Thanks for the inspiration and much success to you!!

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