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Ep. 8 Interview with Carrie Dils

In this episode, I speak with Carrie Dils.  Carrie is such a sweet heart and speaking with her was such a pleasure.  She’s a developer primarily in the Genesis Framework and is currently working at Crowd Favorite. When she’s not knee deep in code, she’s doing an awesome live video podcast called OfficeHours!  Used to be called Genesis Office hours, but times have changed and it’s amazing how Carrie has grown in her career.

In this episode, there’s a ton to take away.  This was recorded last year when Carrie was in the middle of a transition with her career.  She drops some knowledge bombs about freelancers, finding the right audience, and so much more.

I like the fact that this interview is a year old because you can here a lot of what she was doing compared to what she’s doing now, which is a pretty incredible transition.  Applying the right steps, talking to the right people, and networking in general really pays off.

Some TakeAways

  • Are you calling yourself a freelancer?
  • Leverage your Network
  • Leverage your audience! – This was one of my favorites.
  • Importance of Accessibility in Web Development
  • What is mobile first?
  • We get into Dev Talk, tips for all you devs listening 🙂

Carrie also goes over her top 5 favorite plugins, a must use for all developers!

Links – Carries Podcast – Her Main Site

Utility Theme – Her Starter Genesis Theme

Stream – There’s another one too that I was going to sign up for and totally forgot what it was called.

She also Teaches at

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