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Ep. 10 – Network Your Ass Off

Hey, what’s up everyone!?  This episode took me 3 tries to finally get done.  The reason is because I initially had no idea what to talk about. So after recording 2 Devbits, I just went for it.  This is the final result and I have to say, I’m pretty proud.

Here’s what you’re going to get out of this episode:

  1. Learn about the benefits of networking and how it worked for my business.
  2. Some updates on what’s going on in my life/business.
  3. My Pet Peeve with Facebook Groups and some more information on mine and why you should join it or any other facebook group for that matter.
  4. Why I haven’t rapped on my outros recently.
  5. and why this plugin is amazing and how I’m adding more value if you ever use it!
  6. How I validated the BeaverBuilderVideo site.
  7. The benefits of a thank you / confirmation page.
  8. The awesome effects of up-sells.
  9. Let’s be friends on FB.
  10. How I manage all these damn businesses and podcasts and videos.
  11. DevDiaries are coming to this site real soon, but for now, check them out on YouTube.

I suck at show notes and I procrastinate, for those that need everything to be perfect, sorry, not me.  Hope you get some great value from this episode.

As always, if you haven’t had a chance, please review the podcast.  Feel free to to leave a comment below or if you have a show suggestions, feel free to contact me!

You are all awesome and thank you so much for all your support!!

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One comment on “Ep. 10 – Network Your Ass Off

  1. Email Spike says:

    For those who run a small business with more than 15
    staff you might want to have a plan ffor each department (e.g.
    administration/finance; gross sales/advertising; operations/human assets, etc.); and have every division head liable for thir department’s plan.

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