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Ep. 06 – Interview with Kim Doyal

welcome-featured1Today we have Kim Doyal on the podcast. Kim is also known as the WordPress Chick. Up until 8 years ago she worked in retail then she decided to make the most of her life and start her business online.

She now creates products, consults, and coaches. She’s not a developer but she has her hands in so many different aspects in the online world.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Why it’s ok say no, regardless of the money.
  • Tools that Kim uses that have helped her grow her business.
  • How important it is to find a mentor and/or teacher who works for you.
  • Why you don’t have to be a developer to be successful.
  • What advice Kim has for people who want to take their business to the next level.

Kim shares little things that she’s figured out that have helped her be more successful and productive than she would be otherwise. She explains that her biggest revelation has been to focus on her because it’s important to realize that you have to choose how you work and who you work with so you can have the best results from your business.

Sometimes you have to say no to a project or a client, regardless of the money. A lot of times this can be scary because the thought that you’re saying no to the money is scary, but Kim explains that she has found that when she says no to something she knows won’t work for her, she’ll come across a project that will work even better for her. You have to be willing to say no because as Kim says, if you don’t value yourself, your clients won’t either.

[spp-tweet tweet=”If you don’t value yourself, your clients won’t either.”]

When Kim first started online she worked hard to learn about CSS and HTML coding as well as sites like WordPress and Joomla. She found herself saying yes to a lot of projects that she wasn’t completely sure how to do so she would have to figure things out on her own to get it done.

She talks about how when she first started she was worried people wouldn’t like or agree with what she was saying, but she found that after making a few products and posts she found her voice.

I saw a comment on Facebook the other day and this person was saying they believe that you should always disclose to a client if you use a page builder. I asked Kim what her thoughts were on this… her answer was amazing and what I’ve been speaking about since forever! lol

Enjoy the episode and I’ll leave you with this:

Once you find how what works for you and you get clear with your clients, you will be able to take your business to the next level.

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