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Don't Neglect The Old School Methods

This morning I took a trip to Long Island to visit my parents. I started getting into a conversation with my dad about some things that happened in the past, and he started talking to me about my uncle.

Well, it’s his uncle to be exact, but that’s just what we say.

Back in the 80’s my uncle came to Brooklyn from Puerto Rico with nothing. He literally had only a hundred bucks in his pocket.

My dad gave him a place to stay and told him not to worry about anything until he gets back on his feet.

With the hundred dollars and a small camera, my uncle got to work.

This is the 80’s, there was no Google or anything to help him out. Just pure intuition and balls.

My uncle spoke only Spanish and knew nothing of NY, so the first thing he did was ask my dad where the Spanish neighborhoods were.

Every morning he would wake up, take the train to the Bronx (quite the hike from Brooklyn) and in the little Spanish neighborhood, he would start networking.

Going into buildings, knocking on doors, asking folks if they wanted pictures, asking if any event were happening. He did anything and everything that he could to make it work.

He had a goal, a vision, and every time he made a little bit of money, he’d give my dad what he borrowed.

He did this for a few years until he eventually had enough money to move his entire family from Puerto Rico to an apartment in the Bronx.

A few years there, then he moved to Jersey where he still lives today, with his small Photography shop that does very well.

There’s a saying that goes:
“There are only 2 things that will drive you to succeed, inspiration or desperation.”

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When you want something bad enough, you’ll go for it. When you’re in a place of need, you’ll make it work.

Sometimes we get spoiled with all the comfort that apps, tools, and software has allowed us.

When we start to think of ways we can move forward, one thing that I like to practice is to see what I would do if I didn’t have Google, or if I didn’t have FaceBook.

What kind of old school methods can you implement into your business that will help catapult you? My uncle went door to door for years!

Are you patient enough to wait?

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