001 – Developer To Millionaire

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Welcome to the very first episode of DeveloperToMillionaire!  This episode is a way for me to introduce myself to the world of podcasting.  Here’s some cool things to know about how this podcast was made:

  1. I did the intro myself (but hired someone to do the voice professional sounding voice)
  2. I rap at the end (because I love music)
  3. I recorded using a mac and Logic Pro.
  4. Did all the editing myself.

I’m super excited to launch this and I hope you enjoy it.

Some Takeaways

  • I talk a little about my background and company.
  • Learn how I made 60k my first year with a side business.
  • Why I started to slow down.
  • The best way I found to run my business.
  • Detailed explanation on why I left the Genesis Community.

Disclaimer: I recorded the first couple of episodes in 2015, so if you hear me reference any dates, keep in mind that this was recorded in 2015.

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