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001 – Developer To Millionaire

Welcome to the very first episode of DeveloperToMillionaire!  This episode is a way for me to introduce myself to the world of podcasting.  Here’s some cool things to know about how this podcast was made:

  1. I did the intro myself (but hired someone to do the voice professional sounding voice)
  2. I rap at the end (because I love music)
  3. I recorded using a mac and Logic Pro.
  4. Did all the editing myself.

I’m super excited to launch this and I hope you enjoy it.

Some Takeaways

  • I talk a little about my background and company.
  • Learn how I made 60k my first year with a side business.
  • Why I started to slow down.
  • The best way I found to run my business.
  • Detailed explanation on why I left the Genesis Community.

Disclaimer: I recorded the first couple of episodes in 2015, so if you hear me reference any dates, keep in mind that this was recorded in 2015.

About the Author
What's UP! This is my site, I write 99% of the articles on here. I'm also the owner of I help out a lot of developers and designers getting into the web game. Helping is fun for me, so feel free to ask me any questions! I've made courses and have a membership as well to help get you on your feet!

6 comments on 001 – Developer To Millionaire

  1. Brooklyn says:

    Love the intro, really entertaining and enjoyable to listen to. really excited to follow and be on the journey with you.

    1. surefireweb says:

      Brooklyn you rock!! Thanks so much! Lots more to come!

  2. Frederic says:

    Like the introduction, can’t wait to hear the next one. Not a big fan of the sound at the end…

    1. surefireweb says:

      do you mean the rapping part? I’m rapping on pretty much all of em 🙂 You can always cut it short though.

      1. Evaldas says:

        yo! You should try a rapping podcast, as the intro and outro really rocks! That’s quite a skill you have there

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