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Dev2Mil – Interview with Brian Oliver Sales, WordPress, and Florida!

Hi everyone! It’s been a bit but I’m BAACCCK!!!

I had a nice vacation away and the week before was getting a ton of work done before I left. So I’ve been SILENT for 2 Episodes!!

Thoroughly enjoying Florida, I contacted my good friend Brian Oliver.  A sales expert in the web game building website through his agency Market Leef.

Brian drops some sales tips and we discuss things like:

  • Florida Weather vs NY Weather
  • Web Designer vs Graphic Designer
  • Why Brian isn’t using Beaver Builder yet.
  • The Ultimate Dev Stack
  • Recurring Revenue to sustain your business
  • SALES!
  • E-commerce

And much more.

Enjoy the conversation and don’t forget to rate the show on iTunes and leave a review, or a comment, or anything you feel really.




Ultimate Dev Stack – BB, Genesis, Views

Devenaires Club – FB Group

Song at the end – Hustlers Love by Jehry Robinson

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