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Dev2Mil – Beaver Themer, Web Marketing, and Chatting with Robby!

In today’s episode I’m chatting with Robby from the Beaver Builder team.  They just launched the brand new Beaver Themer and it’s freakin’ AMAZING!!!!

Don’t believe me, feel free to check out my video (link below) along with probably a thousand others that you’ll find with a google search 🙂

We go beyond the themer though.  Robby is starting to learn more and more about web marketing.

Here are some of our talking points:

  • Beaver Themer – The how, who, what, and the relationship with Views and/or Pods
  • Web Marketing – Some straight strategy talk.
  • The FUTURE of web design
  • You can’t spend $150 on a tool, you’re doing it wrong (unless your a hobbyist)
  • And much more



Beaver Themer Video

Get a discount for the Beaver Themer plugin while it lasts

Beaver Builder 2.0!!! (coming soon, that’s just a link to the BB homepage)


Beaver Builder Facebook Group


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One comment on “Dev2Mil – Beaver Themer, Web Marketing, and Chatting with Robby!

  1. Nice one! Pods isn’t really a competitor to Themer it’s far more a nice partner especially with and for Loops within loops maybe take a look at pods Templates 😀 and Themer together – Because Pods is very strong with relations!

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