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I’ve been doing a lot these past few weeks and I’m realizing more and more that, I know a lot of stuff. 😀

Seriously though.  When it comes to online strategies, I, and I’m sure a lot of you as well, tend to take for granted the things that we’ve learned in our experiences.

Things that we deem as incredibly simple or assume that everyone knows, ends up being not true.

What’s simple to you and all the things that you know, many people don’t.  You can help a LOT of people of you just share advice here and there and get them to understand your world just a little bit.

In this episode, I talk about strategies.  Basic online strategies that are essential for the growth of a website.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The strategies I’m implementing in SureFire
  • Strategies being implemented on this site (
  • And much more insight!


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