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How to Create a Successful Online Magazine with WordPress


WordPress is a platform that is extensively used for creating blog websites. But have you ever thought of creating a website based on varied themes like fashion, beauty, lifestyle or any other subject of your choice? I guess you would have. Such a website that publishes content on a specific subject or a topic is termed as an online magazine. Having an online magazine that is fancy along with being sophisticated and contains appealing content will attract traffic to it. So, in this blog, I would be making you aware of the steps or techniques that you must implement in order to create a magazine-style website.

Below mentioned points will act as a perfect guide for you when you are looking to create your own online magazine with WordPress.

Having an Intriguing HomePage

It becomes utmost important to have a homepage that highlights the most popular and the recent stories along with displaying other articles. You must display multiple links and extracts from a selection of articles that you have published on your website. Your visitors must be presented with a few short stories and articles to choose from. Using a feature-rich magazine theme will enable you to build a homepage that has plenty of options which will attract visitors to your website. These themes have predefined homepages that are of different genre. This makes it very easy to choose a homepage for your magazine website and you could even find a homepage that fits in your website’s scenario. This will save a lot of your time which could have been invested a developing a homepage.

Top-Notch User Experience

Your online magazine will only become a success if it is able to generate traffic on it. It is important to keep your visitors as long as possible on your website. You will have to give your visitors such a visual appearance that will prompt them to visit your website again and again. This will enable you to create a long lasting impression on the minds of them. Most of the news websites and magazines display adverts which allow them to get monetized. Thus, the more page impressions that are generated by your visitors, you will be able to earn more money from your advertisers. This will only be possible will users choose your website over the others which searching for a particular content or topic.

Selecting a Magazine Theme

When you are looking to create a magazine website, you will come across quite a few of the magazine themes that are offered by WordPress for free. Some of the popular free WordPress magazine themes include Newspaper, Newsmag, TwentyFouteen and many more. You can even choose some of the premium WordPress themes that will offer you more functionalities and features but they will cost you money. The benefits of choosing an appropriate theme for your magazine website is that it will come preloaded based on some genre like lifestyle, heath and fitness, fashion etc. So, if your magazine content falls in the predefined category this will prove very beneficial for you. This will enable you to easily choose any of the themes based on your magazine requirements.

Creating Content for your Magazine Website

In order to create a successful magazine or news website, you will have to publish content that offers value to your target audience. The content you publish will totally depend on the focus of your website. A growth in the number of articles will have a direct impact on your visitors who will be directed to your website as a result of search engine results. Publishing relevant and informative articles will turn out positive for you. Choosing a content format that is appreciated by your audience will be a good ploy. A high-quality content will enable you to gets leads and also rank higher than the websites that are also showcasing a similar content as yours. Grabbing the attention of users is only possible if you rank higher in the search results of popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Google also ranks a quality content much higher than the other contents of the same genre.

Growing Your Target Audience

Once you have got initial visitors on your website you will feel the need to grow your audience. The best approach of doing this is to pay for advertising on the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or seek assistance from advertising networks and platforms that are related to your topic. One thing which you must surely do is to set up profiles on the popular social media networks. There are some social media platforms that generate huge traffic on certain topics or subjects. Each and every social media platform has an audience of its own. You should also look for sponsorship opportunities, building partnerships with other people or even apply to guest post on related websites to get a link back to your website. Another important component in building your audience is to adopt a strategy while setting up your email newsletter. Persuading your visitors to sign up for your newsletter is a proven methodology to convert one-time visitors into loyal customers.


I hope that the above-mentioned points throw enough light on the parameter that you need to take care of if you want to create a successful online magazine. It would be great to have your views on this post of mine. Do let me know about them in the comments section below.

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