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Choosing A Mission For Your Website

I love the web industry.  It’s so vast with a plethora of choices for direction.

There are tons of people making piles of money and it all comes down to how you think about your offers, and how you market them.

One of the most common things I see with web designers and freelancers that are just starting out, is they don’t have a solid direction.

And it’s absolutely not their fault.

The Generic Web Industry

The easiest thing to do when you enter the web industry as a web designer or freelancers is say, “I’m going to build websites for people.

The only problem, is “people” come in all different shapes, sizes, mentalities, ages, incomes, interests, locations, cultures.  I think you get the point.

As time moves on, you should really start to pin point what it is you want to do and where you need to be going.

Even the bigger agencies tend to have a specific direction when it comes to the types of clients they work with.

For example, Vayner Media (Gary V’s company) does high end services for companies with budgets of 500k a year and up!

My company Sure Fire Web Services, Inc., focuses on White Label WordPress Services for Digital Agencies and Freelancers.

My Buddy Lee Jackson Dev (soon to be Angled Crown), focuses on White Label WordPress Development for Design Agencies.

These are tight niche areas where someone who’s looking around on the website, would clearly know the market.

Direction Comes With Time and Experience

Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who knows exactly where you want to be in the next few years, most of this insight comes with a lot of experience.

It took me a little more than 5 years to decide I wanted to go the white label route.

Most Web Designers and Freelancers are trying to find themselves and what they want to do.

You only figure that out though, by doing.  I learned a lot more by doing the things I DIDN’T want to do, than doing all the things I did.

[clickToTweet tweet=”I learned a lot more by doing the things I DIDN’T want to do, than doing all the things I did.” quote=”I learned a lot more by doing the things I DIDN’T want to do, than doing all the things I did.”]

Web Design Review

Over the weekend I did an website review for one of our 30k Members (completely free FaceBook Group).  The instructions were simple, send me a link to your website, and tell me what your goals are, and I’ll review it and let you know my thoughts.

I’ve actually been doing this type of thing for a while.  Any time I design something or have a project, I always play the consultant role as well.  I never actually did it though, just to offer advice.  First time for everything! 😀

I recorded the entire review and you can see it below.

The site is by a freelance web designer, and the future goal of the website, is to offer white label development services.  Now you’ll notice that the first thing I noticed, just as above, is the general direction of the current design is very broad.

We are all guilty of this! So no worries there, but once you know your direction and what you want to do, planning is vital.

Check out the video below and let me know what you think!

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