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Category Redirection for WordPress

*Update: 01/17/13
Redirect all your permalink structures! Check this out: On the bottom is a generator that will show you what reg ex you need for the redirect. Then in the redirection plugin, just add the regex code to Source URL, click the regular expressions checkbox, and add the target ($4 or whatever the site says) to target. You’re done!
301 Redirect Style with Ninja

Creds: Me and PixelR3AP3R

So my site broke for a little bit because I installed the Hikari Category Permalink plugin. I’m not to sure what happened but I ended up redoing my .htaccess, permalink structures, and reinstalling the plugin.

Needless to say it works perfect now, BUT in the process I figured out how to actually get my old category slugs to redirect to my new ones, 301 style! =D

So here’s how…

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Future Proof your CSS – Clean it up and optimize

I’m going to share a few tips on how to clean up your CSS.

Tip 1 – Organize Your Style Sheet

There needs to be some type of organization on your style sheet.  Don’t just randomly start naming classes and ID’s. Organize it.  Start with the most common things first.   Read More

Multiple Grid Loops on Home Page – Genesis Framework

So after messing around for hours trying to figure out how to place multiple grid loops on one page, I’ve got it!

I scoured the forums and tutorials on the studio press site but unfortunately, there really isn’t too much detail if you are a novice in developing with Genesis and WordPress.  But I managed to figure something out so… here we go!

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How to pull posts from a category on the grid loop – Genesis Framework

This is for the Genesis Framework only =).

Simply add the following code to your loop:

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