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A lot of these posts were originally on So if you found them through search engines or clicking around, this is their new home :). Enjoy!


How to disable AutoSave in WordPress

I have a few sites where this has been causing an issue. For some reason, when the post get’s autosaved, all the buttons disable, but they don’t come back!   Read More

Genesis Theme Support

Curious as to what Genesis can actually support?  Well here’s a list =) Enjoy!

If I’m missing anything, let me know in the comments and I’ll add it.

How to add a Double Email Optin PopUp to WordPress

Whew! What a long title! So what the hell is a Double Email Optin Popup majiggy?  I probably have the term completely wrong, but it’s when you click on a button, then a light box pops up with an optin form.  It supposedly leads to more sign ups, etc., etc.  Anyway, this is how you do it!  Read More

How To Build A Home Page with the Genesis Framework Part 2

This is part 2 of the Agency Pro Home Page Series (is 2 a series?).  In this episode, I dive into the code that actually makes the home page.   Read More

How to do Nav | Logo | Nav on Genesis Framework

I’ve seen this trend happening in a few places. I’ve had to do it myself a couple of times. It’s the ol’ centered logo look. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, just take a look at the featured image =). Read More

How To Add Infinite Scroll With WP-Views

This was a bit of a challenge but I figured it out! Read More

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