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I got a new podcast!

This is going to be shrot as I haven’t posted in Forever!!! I still gotta set up the podcast page and what not BUUUUTTTTT here’s the quick of it.

Developer To Millionaire is dead. Sorry, just couldn’t keep up with it, life happens, we move on. I got some great content on there, I’ll have to try and put it on the new podcast, but it’s when I have the time.

My new Podcast is on ANCHOR!!! Here’s the link to it:


(The Correct Link, SOrry about that)

It’s also on iTunes and Google and all the fun sites that have podcasts on them as TheJonPerezShow!

It’s fun for me so I talk about anything that’s really on my mind at the time, so check it out and enjoy!!

That’s all I got! Have a blessed day!!

Interview with Brent Weaver from UGURUS

This interview was FAN FREAKIN TASTIC!

Big shout to Brent for coming on and doing his thing.  To sum up who Brent Weaver is in a short sentence: Super smart guy who built a web agency, sold it, then started UGURUS to show everyone else how to do it.

I suck at show notes plus we chatted about so many things in this episode.  It runs a little over an hour, here are some of the talking points:


  • Brent lived in Australia for 6 months.
  • Started his business early.
  • Found great success with one particular client but quickly learned not to put all your eggs in one basket.
  • Are Websites a commodity? We had a fun discussion about that and the future of web design.
  • We chatted about getting clients.
  • How and why Brent spent 100k on his website.

And there’s so much more in this episode.  Have a listen and Enjoy!!



Dev2Mil – Beaver Themer, Web Marketing, and Chatting with Robby!

In today’s episode I’m chatting with Robby from the Beaver Builder team.  They just launched the brand new Beaver Themer and it’s freakin’ AMAZING!!!!

Don’t believe me, feel free to check out my video (link below) along with probably a thousand others that you’ll find with a google search 🙂

We go beyond the themer though.  Robby is starting to learn more and more about web marketing.

Here are some of our talking points:

  • Beaver Themer – The how, who, what, and the relationship with Views and/or Pods
  • Web Marketing – Some straight strategy talk.
  • The FUTURE of web design
  • You can’t spend $150 on a tool, you’re doing it wrong (unless your a hobbyist)
  • And much more



Beaver Themer Video

Get a discount for the Beaver Themer plugin while it lasts

Beaver Builder 2.0!!! (coming soon, that’s just a link to the BB homepage)


Beaver Builder Facebook Group


Dev2Mil – How Do You Side Hustle?

This post is in response to Johan Gouws.

The question was (paraphrased and summarized): How do you side hustle with kids and a full-time job? How do you schedule meetings, etc?

I answer this question on this episode and I also share a realization that I’ve come to after starting to do this full time.

Entrepreneurs control their schedule, wink wink.

Enjoy the show!


Johan’s initial post

The original 30k Episode

Book A Session With Me

Devenaires FaceBook Group

Dev2Mil – Interview with Brian Oliver Sales, WordPress, and Florida!

Hi everyone! It’s been a bit but I’m BAACCCK!!!

I had a nice vacation away and the week before was getting a ton of work done before I left. So I’ve been SILENT for 2 Episodes!!

Thoroughly enjoying Florida, I contacted my good friend Brian Oliver.  A sales expert in the web game building website through his agency Market Leef.

Brian drops some sales tips and we discuss things like:

  • Florida Weather vs NY Weather
  • Web Designer vs Graphic Designer
  • Why Brian isn’t using Beaver Builder yet.
  • The Ultimate Dev Stack
  • Recurring Revenue to sustain your business
  • SALES!
  • E-commerce

And much more.

Enjoy the conversation and don’t forget to rate the show on iTunes and leave a review, or a comment, or anything you feel really.




Ultimate Dev Stack – BB, Genesis, Views

Devenaires Club – FB Group

Song at the end – Hustlers Love by Jehry Robinson

Dev2Mil – All About Strategies

I’ve been doing a lot these past few weeks and I’m realizing more and more that, I know a lot of stuff. 😀

Seriously though.  When it comes to online strategies, I, and I’m sure a lot of you as well, tend to take for granted the things that we’ve learned in our experiences.

Things that we deem as incredibly simple or assume that everyone knows, ends up being not true.

What’s simple to you and all the things that you know, many people don’t.  You can help a LOT of people of you just share advice here and there and get them to understand your world just a little bit.

In this episode, I talk about strategies.  Basic online strategies that are essential for the growth of a website.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The strategies I’m implementing in SureFire
  • Strategies being implemented on this site (
  • And much more insight!


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