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Web Design is Dead!

Web Design is Dead

Skull by PixelR3AP3R

Do you still call yourself a web designer?

Are you spending hours upon hours trying to find the perfect colors/graphics to use in your web design?

What if I told you that web design doesn’t even matter and your wasting your time? Read More

8 Things They Don't Tell You When Becoming A Web Designer

A Web Design Office - Not Mine

Pic Creds: juhansonin

This is in response to one of Six Revisions latest articles, 8 Things they don’t tell you about being a web designer. Now though the article wasn’t bad, I feel it took a completely wrong approach and if I was trying to decide if I wanted to be a web designer, their article would not have helped me at all!

I remember when I was in high school trying to figure out what I wanted to go to college for.  I picked design because of all the cool perks and stories I heard.

Perks like one lady having a limo pick her up to work everyday, free tickets to events, great gifts that clients give for designing something amazing for them.

Stories like you’ll have so much free time, it’s such a lax profession, it’s always changing.

It’s all bullshit! At least for the majority of designers it is.

So let me say I’m sorry to six revisions but this is the Real stuff they don’t tell you. Read More

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