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A lot of these posts were originally on So if you found them through search engines or clicking around, this is their new home :). Enjoy!


I have a secret… I use the WP Editor ALL THE TIME. Deal with it.

Woe is me!  The agony and conflicting emotions one must experience from using the WP Editor.  Such a cardinal sin to use something that’s been built in to WordPress for my own selfish needs.  How dare I? ::end dramatic sarcasm::  Read More

Hey Web People, Stop Being So Cheap

What if I told you that you could run your entire business, headache free, for less than $500 a month. What if I said less then $250? Some of you are probably like, “Ok that sounds good”, and others are more like “I ain’t got no $500 a month to spend on that!” Whether you’re one or the other, read on… Read More

5 Secrets Behind the Cost of Web Work

I recently quoted someone a lot of money a project. They didn’t understand why I charge what I charge and we just couldn’t see eye to eye. This actually happens in a lot of place. Carrie Dils recently wrote a post where someone couldn’t justify the cost of a plugin. In this post, I’d like to clarify why we web people charge different prices and why you shouldn’t price shop. Read More

The Importance of Value Part 03

Your clients have things that they value. Understanding a client’s needs and values will help you do a much better job. Read More

The Importance of Value Part 02

There are two different types of value. What you think is valuable, and what your clients think is valuable. Read More

The Importance of Value Part 01

I’m getting all philosophical on you now! Actually I’m not, but today I want to discuss value. What is it, how is it perceived, what is considered valuable, and how to find your value. This may be part one, who knows =). Read More

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