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I got a new podcast!

This is going to be shrot as I haven’t posted in Forever!!! I still gotta set up the podcast page and what not BUUUUTTTTT here’s the quick of it.

Developer To Millionaire is dead. Sorry, just couldn’t keep up with it, life happens, we move on. I got some great content on there, I’ll have to try and put it on the new podcast, but it’s when I have the time.

My new Podcast is on ANCHOR!!! Here’s the link to it:


(The Correct Link, SOrry about that)

It’s also on iTunes and Google and all the fun sites that have podcasts on them as TheJonPerezShow!

It’s fun for me so I talk about anything that’s really on my mind at the time, so check it out and enjoy!!

That’s all I got! Have a blessed day!!

Difficult Web Design Clients – They Just Don't Get Us!

“Why does that cost so much?”

“Can’t you just do it real quick?”

“It’s not that hard! My nephew does this all the time!”

Sound familiar?

It seems a lot of times that no matter what we do, difficult web design clients will never appreciate us!

How can we show a client or potential client that what we do is valuable?

I want to go over a few things that I think will help when working with difficult web design clients in a BIG way.

Here are three things that you need to really focus on if you want to stop dealing with the “problems”.


Positioning, Communication, and Control. The pillars of happy clients.

You need to make sure that your business is positioned correctly.  You need to communicate EVERYTHING to your clients. Last, you need to maintain control of the relationship.

Let’s get a little deeper.


Who are you targeting?  You need to be in a position of authority so that when you say something, it’s heard and not just brushed off.  You should work on getting to a place where you are sought after, rather than the other way around.

Ask yourself, why should your clients respect you or what you do? Have you told them what’s involved?


That leads us to this little gem.  Something so necessary and common, but constantly overlooked.  Even seasoned pro’s tend to miss out once in a while on something as simple as communication.

Are your clients clear on what you do?

Let’s do a simple example.  You can tell your client.  I’ll build you a website and we’ll start with the design.


“Before I start with the design, I want to get a better understanding of the project so please tell me ….”  “Once the design phase starts, it takes a few days for us to nail down our first best guess, so please be patient.” “We can start with a wire frame if you like just to nail down what the layout will be… oh what’s a wire frame? Let me explain”

It’s all talk.  You have to treat your client like they’re a 5 year old kid learning for the first time, because that’s basically what they are.  YOU are the web pro, THEY are the _____ pro.  They don’t need to know your business, you do, and it’s your job to communicate and explain things to them so that they understand.

I had a client recently who assumed all the “extra” things I did were super easy and just included in the hosting that I offer.  After a tiny misunderstanding of “I thought this was included and you should be doing this already”  I had to explain about the courtesy that I was offering to give them a better experience.

I could have gotten all pissy and tell them that I don’t want to deal with it, but I genuinely explained everything I was doing, what it involved, and why it wasn’t a free service.

Things got cleared up, and it ended up turning into 2 small paying jobs for me.  Clients happy and I’m happy! Win Win!

Communication is so key in everything, it’s important we try not to let it slip through the cracks.


I think I can talk on client control for hours, but I’ll keep it brief.  The bottom line is to never forget that you make the rules.  Clients are just people, and will try to negotiate, haggle, get things for free, push the envelope, etc., but it’s your job to draw the line.

I find it so interesting that people don’t tend to do this because they don’t want to be mean.

This isn’t about being mean, or hurting someones feelings, this is business, and a transaction in business effects your lively hood.

You can be as lenient as you want to be because it’s your business.  But you should never, ever, EVER, under any circumstance feel pressured or obligated to do something.

Business people understand business people, and things need to get paid for.

Here’s a quick tip.

The next time a client wants you to do something but doesn’t want to pay for it, reverse it on them.  i.e. Massage therapist: Could you just change this page to do this instead of that.  You: Yes, but that’s out of scope so it’s going to be a little extra Massage therapist:  Well I really don’t want to pay any more, is it really going to take that long?  You: Well if someone came in for a back massage and then just asked for hot stones, would you just give them hot stones, it wouldn’t that long to heat them up right?

Yeah it sounds a little snarky when reading it, but you get the point.  Work your shmooze 😉

The new 30k membership will be deep diving into PCC, dealing with difficult web design clients and other similar topics to really break them down.  Sign up below to stay up to date, notified, and get exclusive offers and content.

Don't Neglect The Old School Methods

This morning I took a trip to Long Island to visit my parents. I started getting into a conversation with my dad about some things that happened in the past, and he started talking to me about my uncle.

Well, it’s his uncle to be exact, but that’s just what we say.

Back in the 80’s my uncle came to Brooklyn from Puerto Rico with nothing. He literally had only a hundred bucks in his pocket.

My dad gave him a place to stay and told him not to worry about anything until he gets back on his feet.

With the hundred dollars and a small camera, my uncle got to work.

This is the 80’s, there was no Google or anything to help him out. Just pure intuition and balls.

My uncle spoke only Spanish and knew nothing of NY, so the first thing he did was ask my dad where the Spanish neighborhoods were.

Every morning he would wake up, take the train to the Bronx (quite the hike from Brooklyn) and in the little Spanish neighborhood, he would start networking.

Going into buildings, knocking on doors, asking folks if they wanted pictures, asking if any event were happening. He did anything and everything that he could to make it work.

He had a goal, a vision, and every time he made a little bit of money, he’d give my dad what he borrowed.

He did this for a few years until he eventually had enough money to move his entire family from Puerto Rico to an apartment in the Bronx.

A few years there, then he moved to Jersey where he still lives today, with his small Photography shop that does very well.

There’s a saying that goes:
“There are only 2 things that will drive you to succeed, inspiration or desperation.”

[clickToTweet tweet=”‘There are only 2 things that will drive you to succeed, inspiration or desperation.'” quote=”‘There are only 2 things that will drive you to succeed, inspiration or desperation.'”]

When you want something bad enough, you’ll go for it. When you’re in a place of need, you’ll make it work.

Sometimes we get spoiled with all the comfort that apps, tools, and software has allowed us.

When we start to think of ways we can move forward, one thing that I like to practice is to see what I would do if I didn’t have Google, or if I didn’t have FaceBook.

What kind of old school methods can you implement into your business that will help catapult you? My uncle went door to door for years!

Are you patient enough to wait?

A $20k Project Is Not A Victory, It's A Headache!

This is how I relate excersize Guru’s to Internet Guru’s… skip the story, get to the meat!

Isn’t funny that anytime we say we’re going to exercise, it’s always like “Yeah, Monday’s the day! It’s definitely the day!”  Then Monday comes by and you’re like, “Next week, definitely next week, I’m going all in!”

Well, last week I bought a subscription to this program called Daily Burn, and that was 100% me when I signed up.  I was all gung-ho, hyping myself up, and I ended up doing absolutely nothing for an entire week.

Then yesterday I tell myself “I signed up for this dayum thing and I’m not even using it!” (Typical Gym Memberships, HA).  “F, THAT!”

4 o’clock comes around, I’m playing with my kids, and then I stop. “Family exercise time!”

Now picture this… I’m still in my jeans, t-shirt, rolling around with the kids, that epiphany dawns on me, and in 30 seconds, I’m yelling for everyone to start exercising… jeans and all! My kids are looking at me like “Whaaa?”

I didn’t care, the time was now, the decision was made.

Pop on this Daily Burn thing, select the box that says “Do your first exercise,” and I’m ready.

Wasn’t really sure what to expect, though.  See I’ve tried all of these things before and what you usually get is a bunch of bad-ass mofo’s, 12 pack abs, doing some insane workouts that you can barely keep up with.

Pretty much anything BeachBody (t-25, 10-minute trainer, etc., etc.,) is like that.  That’s all we see commercials for too.  Photoshopped before and after shots, and we’re just flooded with all of this perfectness, and it gets ingrained in our head that that’s what we need to be.

Here’s what happened every time I attempted a program. I was always committed with “yes just 25 minutes, and in 3 months I’ll have a 12 pack too! ,” and every time I did it, I always stopped the second week because I was just getting tired of seeing perfect people complete these insane workouts.  I’m sure one day I’ll be able to keep up, but when I can’t, it’s discouraging.

Daily Burn was incredibly different.  What a breath of fresh air this was. 

I promise this is not some promo for Daily Burn, it’s all in relation, trust me 😉

When I put on Daily Burn, the first thing I noticed was normal people.  An elderly lady, a heavy set ex-marine who was disabled for a year, and another heavy set woman.  This is my crowd!!! 😀  I did the workout, some of the people doing it had to modify a bit, but I plowed through and when I was done, holy crap I felt like a champ!

28 minutes of light exercise that I could keep up with, and with incredibly normal people, I was on top of the world!

That brings me to the question of the day/month/year/life…


Seriously, if you just peruse Facebook for 5 minutes all you’ll see are ads for “20k Proposals, 0 to 7 figures, how I made 100k in a month, get 10k subscribers” and more blah blah blah.  All this BS fluff, much like the guy/girl with the 12 packs.

It’s like this dangling diamond that gets’s waved in our face and can grant us wishes…

Here’s where you want to be, here’s how I did it overnight (which actually translates to 10 years of ups and downs), and here’s my magical formula that did it! Disclaimer: This probably won’t work for you, but give me 1500 bucks and I’ll show you anyway.

Where the hell is the practicality anymore?

Here’s the truth

Having overnight success is like hitting the lotto.  Getting a client to give you 20k, is a lot of work and a lot of stress which A LOT of people don’t actually want.  Getting 100k subscribers of anything in a month, uses a lot of leverage that’s taken YEARS to build.  Can you learn things from these folks? Of course.  But do you think you’re the one special person who’s going to put it all into practice and make the 100k a month?

I’m not into popping bubbles, but the pipe dreams can only go so far.  It is NOT EASY at all to make 100k in a month, and any promise to get you there faster is total BS.

[clickToTweet tweet=”It is NOT EASY at all to make 100k in a month, and any promise to get you there faster is total BS.” quote=”It is NOT EASY at all to make 100k in a month, and any promise to get you there faster is total BS.”]

What’s worse is we get inundated with all the dreams of grandeur and hear about people doing all these fantastic things and making a ton of money that we lose site of what success is actually supposed to look like!

When I was at a conference on Saturday, one of the things they said was, all these guys who look like they have a ton of money and sell strategies, etc., all these guru type folks, a lot of them are flat broke (not all, just a lot).  What’s crazy is the ones that ARE making a lot of money and “crushing” it, aren’t really in the spotlight as much.

What is success?

Can you pay your bills?  Do you have a family?  Do you have a home?  To me, success is less stress.  The less I have to stress about things, the more success I have.  Now, the whole millionaire thing, that’s more of a stretch goal than anything.  Do I need to be a millionaire? No.  I really don’t.  In the words of Sir Biggie Smalls, “Mo Money, Mo Problems.”  Would I mind being a millionaire? Absolutely not.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Do I need to be a millionaire? No. In the words of Sir Biggie Smalls, ‘Mo Money, Mo Problems.'” quote=”Do I need to be a millionaire? No. In the words of Sir Biggie Smalls, ‘Mo Money, Mo Problems.'”]

Though subliminally, I’ve always felt like I HAD to land large projects, and I HAD to have a ton of subscribers and followers, and if I wasn’t ‘crushing’ it like everyone else, then I wasn’t successful. And those grand things were constantly in the back of my mind, and whenever I launched something that only got 10 sales as oppose to 100, then I failed.  Or if I tried something and I only got 30 people to sign up instead of 1000, then I was a failure.  “Back to the drawing board!”, “Start over, why was this launch a failure?”, “Why didn’t this launch land 150k like most launches do, what did I do wrong?”

It’s all BS guys/gals.

This whole mentality of needing to be much bigger than what MOST people are, is all BS.  If you’ve ever seen one of my courses, you’ll see that I’ve always come with a practical point of view.  With everything I do!  I need to show that what I’m doing works in the real world, and not just in my head.  My courses are real projects, my posts are real situations, I hate all the crap that floods our heads because truthfully, it really affects us.

Well, my goal is to put a stop to it.  Well, not all of it, I mean I really don’t give a crap about what other folks are doing, but I’m zagging.  Everyone wants to zig, I’m gonna zag.  That’s just how I roll.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Everyone wants to zig, I’m gonna zag. That’s just how I roll.” quote=”Everyone wants to zig, I’m gonna zag. That’s just how I roll.”]

You’re going to see a ton of brand changes coming to my site. A lot more of my mug will be floating around lol and I’m going to be sharing a lot more of my story with everyone.

I mentioned last week about gearing up to launch my membership.  The conference this week really opened up my eyes to a lot of things, so I still have work to do before it officially opens, but that doesn’t mean that we all can’t be a part of something.

I’m going to start with a 100% free membership.  It’s going to be called 0 to… not 1 million because seriously, that’s just stupid.  It’s Going from 0 to 30k, 100% practical, 100% free.  If you’re starting out in the industry, if you’re working full-time like I am and want some practical things that you can implement to start making some bank, then this is it.

When I first started, $30k was a number I gave myself as a test.  If I can make $30k in a year, then I’ll keep doing this and continue to keep growing.  Keep in mind, I have always been working full time. So we’re talking 2 -4 hours a day, max.  Some days were a stretch, but that was the bulk.  This had to change my entire mindset on how I approached things and built websites.

The cool part is, when I started this little test of mine, I documented everything.  Everything for 6 months until I reached $30k was written down and explained. This is what I want to share with you.

I have pretty much all the content set. I want to get a few more things straightened out and not overwhelm anyone who signs up for this completely free membership, so I’m getting the tech side set up and the organization.  I have to be honest too, I have never been so excited (as you can see from the over 1400 words in this article) about anything that I’ve done in my business, more than this.

I can’t wait to mingle and interact with future members.

Sign up below if you’re interested and I’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready.  God bless ya’ll.

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I suck at juicing… but I'm good at websites!

Not talking the “Pump ::clap:: You Up!” kind of juicing.  I’m talking the kind with a bunch of fruits and veggies trying to get healthy type of juicing.

This morning I grabbed my Nutribullet, and in attempts to get healthy, I started to load it up!

I added spinach, some apple juice, carrots, banana, strawberries, and blackberries, and some water because it was going to be way too thick.

I blended what appeared to be a giant mud puddle.  The color was not attractive at all.

Screw it. I need to be healthy!  Chug, Chug, Chug! AWFUL!!!!!

Clearly, juicing is not my forte.

What is my forte, though, is websites.  I’ve got a knack for figuring out the hard stuff, coming up with strategies, and all the like.

Just like juicing, what a lot of people do, is throw in a bunch of ingredients, and hope for the best.  But the results just aren’t there.

Check this out.

I’ve worked with Jonathan Perez over the past two years. I’d describe him as a web design firecracker! This guy has so much energy and enthusiasm that it’s exhausting for the rest of us. He combines the visual sensitivity of a top designer with the vision of an entrepreneur. And – to top it all – he’s also a damn good laugh. – Ben Hunt

That’s not to brag or boast, but just as a little reassurance of the mindset that I put towards everything I do.  There’s a method to the madness, and maybe I won’t make you laugh every time, but I’ll be damn sure to help you figure things out when you get stuck.  That’s what I do! It’s my passion to educate and help.

I ran a survey a while back and asked my list (many of you) what they wanted to see with the future of SureFire.  A LOT of folks replied with coaching and consulting.  Well, I’ve got some good news!

While I don’t have a full coaching program yet, I’m slowly getting there.  My fears and insecurity is what’s really holding me back, plus I don’t want to just be another coach, it has to mean something to me, so it’ll be a while before I jump on that boat.  HOWEVER, I do enjoy consulting, and helping others when they need it.

So here’s the next step…

I recently created a profile.  While I’m not fully versed on how the platform actually works, I listed a few areas of expertise, set the pricing, etc.  This is a stepping stone headed in the right direction and I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to help a lot more people.So if you ever want to pick my brain, ask a question about how to approach something, what tool may be best for…, come up with a email strategy, words of encouragement, or really anything that has to do with websites (building, marketing, etc.), then check me out on Clarity.

Here’s my clarity profile.

If I’ve already helped you in some way in the past, it’d be amazing if you could leave me a review on the website.  Thanks so much!

Is Social Media Losing It's Way?

Social media has been getting super interesting lately.

I used to use Twitter all the time and it was an amazing place to engage with users and chat it up.  Then automation started getting bigger and bigger, and now all I’ve seen recently is motivation quotes and random links.  I’m 100% guilty of this myself, but it just seems weird that the social element is starting to slowly fade…

I switched over to FaceBook and thought to myself, I could start engaging a little more.  I friended a bunch of people (there was a strategy to that that I’ll get into in a bit), and I joined a bunch of groups.

Now here’s the thing, I love groups.  I think it’s a great way to chat it up, share ideas, get some help, etc., but things are starting to look a little grim.

Why do I say that?

There are a few reasons.  First, groups are starting to turn into some hardcore support forums.  Second, omg rules, rules, and more rules. Third, the fake entitled police members who basically just troll.

Support Forums

I get that it’s super easy to ask questions to a bunch of like-minded individuals.  Easy to get an answer, right.  But add 2000 people who aren’t really comfortable or experienced to build something, then all of a sudden, groups are flooded with “How do I…,” “What plugin should I…,” “What’s the best way to…?” and post after post, they come in.

You ever hear that saying, “Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day.  Teach a man to fish, he’ll eat forever.”  I’m not trying to bash anyone, but figuring things out by researching, googling, etc., instead of having someone just answer the question for you, is an incredible way to excel at your craft.

Seriously.  When I was starting out, no one had answers.  It was all research.  Googling for hours, piecing things together, figuring it out.  Then once it was learned it was like this amazing sigh of relief and understanding.  “That’s how I do it! Yes!!” Then more and more practice, until you fully understood what you were doing.

I think people want to take the lazy way out.  I mean, I don’t blame them, time is money right?  But a lot of the people that want someone to just tell them, are the same people that aren’t willing to invest in other sources that will save them time and/or money.

Here’s an example: You’re struggling on a $2k website, and it’s taking you forever. You’re getting stuck on certain tasks because you either don’t know how to do them, or you’re just starting to gain experience.

If time is money, would you hire someone for a small job to get it done in a timely manner?  I don’t think many people even think of that as an option.  The first thing a lot of folks do is hop in a group, “How do I…”

Waiting for an answer while still trying to figure it out.  More time is wasted, more money is lost, hopefully, you got an answer that you can implement, but you don’t understand why it works, and it leads to more and more issues.

I’ve seen it countless times.  Please don’t get me wrong, though, it’s totally OK to ask for help.  I’ve been in some time crunches where I just need an answer, spare me the understanding crap!  But a lot of times it’s a common occurrence, so the second time around, I’m usually looking at what I did the first time, then Googling how variables inside functions work, or something like that.

I may have gone off in a tangent, but the whole point is, should these groups just continue being support forums?  In my opinion, I think one of the rules should be, keep support in the support channel.  Maybe it’s unpopular, but that’s just how I feel.


We all need rules, but a rule that I can’t stand but fully tolerate (to an extent), is ‘NO SELF PROMOTION‘.

C’mon admins, this is strictly for you.  I can see the reason for this in certain situations… an exclusive group to a program or membership, or possibly someone who created a group to exclusively sell themselves to the members.

Maybe a better rule would be no Sales Promotions?  

Having no self-promotion on an online forum just doesn’t make sense to me.  Everyone in the groups is running their business online.  A lot of these groups have thousands of people in the direct audience that your business speaks to!

Could you imagine going to a conference with 1000 people, who are all people you deal with on a daily basis, but when you walk in, the person running the conference says “Hey, I know you fit right in with this crowd, but do me a favor, don’t talk about yourself to anyone, or I’ll kick you out!”

What the whaat!?  That’s ludicrous to me.

I get the whole, no sales pitchy stuff, that makes sense, but “Hey I got this awesome article with this thing that I went through that I want to share with you guys cuz it totally makes sense but I’m not allowed to because I wrote it.”  is just going to start leading to  “Joe, do me a favor, go into this group and share this for me,” if it doesn’t happen already.

It’s just awkward that people don’t want you sharing your stuff;  your experience, your knowledge, that could ultimately, drive a group forward.

Please don’t come at me either with the whole, “Then the group will be filled with a bunch of spam!” Stop it with the spam crap.  The group will then be full of a bunch of amazing resources that relate to each and every member in the damn group!

Fake Group Police and people that call everything spam

Sometimes I like to share cool sh*t, completely unrelated, but just fun.  I did it once and OMG did the fake police reign down on me!

Listen, if the admins have a problem with something, they can address it, that’s their job.  If you don’t like something, or can’t relate to something, ask to be an admin then, and you’ll have all the control you want.

Taking some notes off of ElBenbo (Ben Settle) I just started having fun with it.  Don’t call my sh*t spam and not expect a reply from me! HAHA 😀

Bottom line is there are probably millions of groups that relate to what you want to promote.  Don’t go spamming groups with posts (you’ll start to alienate the audience as well if you do) but be a little strategic about it.

If you share something, and admin might get mad, delete the post, or just tell you something (Internet slap on the wrist, probably similar to a poke, but in a bad way), but be respectful.  Especially to the groups that you respect and want to be a part of.

So what do you think of this Social Fiasco that seems to trend more and more?
Share your thoughts in the comments.

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