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DevDiary 06 – Don’t Give Up and Stay Committed

I’m always asking myself why I am doing something. Whether it’s a podcast or even these videos, I always need to remind myself to just keep going. Stay committed and keep doing what you want because nothing happens over night. Put in the time and see the results.

Btw, i said ep 5 but it’s 6, my bad.

DevDiary 05 – What drives you?

Are we all chasing freedom? Why are you an entrepreneur? Share in the comments.

DevDiary – organize your business

Been a great weekend and week. Spent a ton of time finally getting things in order and I’m organized!!!!

DevDiary 03 – You aren’t Superman/woman

It’s been a tough week and I had a few deadlines that I put on myself for my business and marketing. Unfortunately, I’m no superman and there were just some things I couldn’t get to. It happens, what are you gonna do…

DevDiary – Time management, how to manage your time better.

I had a great weekend, but a tough day. Trying to work on things you need to get done when you have no time, not easy.

But at least I got something done, and that’s the key. Get something done, even if it’s small.

DevDiary introduction

Let’s see how this goes =). In starting to get more involved in media and that includes podcasts and videos! I think business growth is key so I’ll be sharing little tidbits here and there on things I’m learning, what I’m doing, etc. let’s network!

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