Don’t Worry, You’re In The Right Place
A lot of these posts were originally on So if you found them through search engines or clicking around, this is their new home :). Enjoy!


Don't limit your earning potential!

::Ring Ring Ring:: Hello? Hi Opportunity! No thanks, I rather limit my earning potential and add more stress to my life by doing everything by myself. Thanks anyway! Read More

What to do when you have no idea what to write about?

You write anyway! I wanted to do a Genesis Tutorial week but the truth is, I probably should’ve planned it out better. Read More

Finding Your Niche

Have you ever read an article by someone who was so freakin’ inspiring you were like, “Yeah, that’s what I want to do”.

I did.

Actually it was 2 days ago when I read an article by Ryan Sullivan called “Why We Love the $500 Client.” A passionate article about what Ryan’s business is focused on and why he embraces the $500 client. Read More

The Importance of Value Part 01

I’m getting all philosophical on you now! Actually I’m not, but today I want to discuss value. What is it, how is it perceived, what is considered valuable, and how to find your value. This may be part one, who knows =). Read More

How To Add Infinite Scroll With WP-Views

This was a bit of a challenge but I figured it out! Read More

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