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Ep. 3 DevBit – Can you make money with it?

I love sharing new ideas and new plugins with my audience. Any time I find something awesome and amazing, I want to spread the word. Why? Because that provides great value. However there is something that I always tend to think about in the end. That thing is, will I be making money with this in the long run?

I would say that this issue is more for those developers who make a great product but don’t do any kick back. Is there anything wrong with that? No. But one thing to bear in mind, is that there will ALWAYS be competition, and ALWAYS be someone ready to one up you.

Here’s an example. I love that plugin. I tell everyone about it and I even have the dev license that I use on all my sites. It’s a great caching plugin.

I promote it because 1. It works 2. It’s Simple. Here’s the kicker. They don’t have an affiliate program. So no, I don’t make any money off of it.

Does that suck?

Yes. But the main reason that I promote WP-Rocket and nothing else, is because their competition is stiff. There aren’t any other premium caching plugins out there.

Here’s the big what if!

What if there was another premium caching plugin out there? What if that other premium caching plugin, had an affiliate program.

Do you see where I’m getting at?

First, I would probably try it to see if it did anything different or better. If it did, would I switch? The answer to that is, most likely.

The reason is not because I don’t like WP-Rocket, but because there’s something else out there that is just as good or even better, and their going to reward me for my marketing efforts.

Another example.

I love the plugin called IceGram. It’s an email optin plugin and it’s completely free! I’ve also recently tried a plugin called Thrive Leads. It’s the same type of plugin, and is equally as awesome if not better. I’m not going to get into a comparison type post, but since Icegram is free and doesn’t have any type of affiliate program, but Thrive Leads does, I’m clearly going to promote Thrive Leads over Icegram.

Think Logically.
These posts aren’t created in 5 minutes. There’s a lot of time and research and editing that goes into each one. If I spent 5 hours a week promoting a plugin that had no kick back or anything else that would benefit me other than sharing something cool, that’s 5 hours wasted.

On the other hand, I can spend those 5 hours, promoting something that’s just as kick ass as the other plugin if not better, and I can probably get a really nice return on it.

The elephant in the room.
There are good people, there are bad people. Just like there are good marketers and there are bad marketers. Some people promote products and give it high praise without even trying it out just to make a quick buck. That’s a matter of integrity.

Your job is to know where that review is coming from. Do a little research into the person saying it. Do they promote a lot of random products and tell you to buy them? Are they showing any type of evidence that they even use the product they’re promoting? How does their review compare to other reviews.

It’s pretty easy to find information online these days, so you’ll probably get a pretty clear assessment of who’s full of crap and who isn’t.

Bottom Line
There are great plugins out there that do great things, but there’s always competition. I think people are more likely to promote your product in a consistent manner (keyword being consistent) if there’s some type of kick back involved.

We’re in business to make money, if you’re not, then what are you in business for?

I’d love to hear your feedback on this topic. Do you promote products that you don’t have an affiliate link for? If so, how often do you do it? Do you agree with what I said? If not, why? Leave it in the comments.

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