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Beaver Builder: A WordPress Designer For People Allergic To Code

Article written by Tammy Martin at Martin Marketing

Like many business owners the thought of revamping my home page was daunting to say the least. I’ve heard horror stories of the process taking months to complete. Instead of tackling my entire site, I decided to take on one single page at a time, which made the plan more feasible for my busy schedule.

I heard about Beaver Builder through Jonathan Perez at Surefire Web Services, but I hadn’t had the opportunity to try it out. I tend to avoid code like the plague so I knew that if Jonathan was going to recommend it to me, that it was going to be easy. My home page revamp was the perfect opportunity to do so.

The first thing I did was rewrite my home page because my target audience changed since I previously wrote it. Before I wrote it so it would be targeted at professionals, but this time I narrowed it down to spiritual entrepreneurs. Then I sent the content to my graphic designer. (This isn’t necessary for the average business owner, but I wanted a professional look because my clientele are higher end and more discerning.)

Martin Marketing WebsiteWhen my graphic designer finished the page design, I decided to tackle the implementation myself in Beaver Builder. It took between one and two hours because I was simultaneously creating the images from the main design file from the designer in Adobe Illustrator and bringing them into WordPress.

The page design required some theme changes as well to the header and footer. I asked Jonathan for his assistance with that because that fell outside of the page design scope.

From previous projects working together, this one shifted from me doing 20% of the work to 90%. All Jonathan had to do was help with the more advanced revisions for me. You can check out the finalized page at Martin Marketing.

I found Beaver Builder super easy to use compared to other Page Builders on the market. I am still shocked that I was able to do the majority the heavy lifting considering the fact that I am not a developer.

Kuddos to Beaver Builder for making web design a breeze!

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