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A Beautiful Strategy To Create Valuable Lead Magnets

I’m getting big into strategizing and testing and seeing what works and what doesn’t.

It’s really the strategizing part that gets me.  The thought process, figuring out, drilling down, it’s just so amazing how all these things come together.

I was just talking to a friend because I needed a lead magnet for my new site, and I was stuck.

What the hell would make someone opt-in?

Well, I guess I’ll just have to test and see what works best, but the conversation we had helped me nail down what to try and offer first.

One thing that many people love is lists.  Lists of the tools you use is always an attractive opt-in strategy so that’s what I’ll be going with.

If you’re looking for something to put together, try this method:

  1. What kind of a lead magnet would YOU want?
  2. Who do you want to attract?
  3. Now Brainstorm some words/phrase that would appeal to your audience.
  4. Continue to analyze your perfect target user while you brainstorm.
  5. What problem are you solving?

The best thing is to actually do that with someone who is somewhat familiar with what you do.  They’ll be able to help you analyze and answer the questions to really nail down who you’re trying to talk to, and what your lead magnet is going to be.

I did this with Kim Doyal.  Within 15 minutes we nailed down some taglines, who the target is and what to offer. It was unbelievable!

Once you have what you want to offer as a lead magnet, head over to (if you’re not a designer, hell even if you are a designer, this will just make it easier.)

I used a template that they had premade and just edited it to suit what I wanted.  Took me a total of about 30 min and cost me a buck.

Once you have that ready, you’re about 80% done!  I like to make my graphics 2 pages, so I have a cover and then the content.  With the cover, I use something like PSD Covers or Cover Action Pro to give it that 3-D look.  (Kim actually helped me with that one).

The last step would be to set up your conversion software to promote the lead magnet!  I user ConvertFlow and Drip because I don’t think there’s anything better, but that’s just me.

Now you should have your lead magnet ready to roll.

My Lead Magnet will be along the lines of:

  • 3 Tools I Use To Maximize Profit on Every Web Project
  • Say No to Dragging Projects! Top Tools To Building Sites Faster
  • Faster Project Builds Means Faster Pay.  Access The Modern Developers Toolbox.
  • Make More Money by Building Faster. My Top Tools To Help Get The Job Done.
  • That semi-colon Wasted 3 Hours of Your Time. No More Headaches, Check Out The Modern Developers Toolbox.

Just a few examples, what do you think?

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