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What's UP! This is my site, I write 99% of the articles on here. I'm also the owner of I help out a lot of developers and designers getting into the web game. Helping is fun for me, so feel free to ask me any questions! I've made courses and have a membership as well to help get you on your feet!

The Introductory Guide to the Genesis Design Framework for WordPress

Love wordpress but not sure where to start?  Well, if it isn’t obvious I think the best damn framework / themes available are from studiopress.  The Genesis Framework is so amazing in it’s simplicity and yet so flexible that you can literally create anything and at the same time have a monster of a machine putting it all together in the background.  Genesis really is the top of the line framework for designers and developers alike.  I can keep babbling but here’s what’s being offered right now.

You’re getting a 44-page introductory guide to Genesis suitable for anyone who has an understanding of WordPress.  This guide covers EVERYTHING, from the beginner level to expert issues. It can help anyone who is considering the Genesis Framework to get their site looking and performing exactly the way they want it.

Click here to download The Genesis Guide (PDF – 1.4 MB) (aff link)

How to get the path of a featured image in wordpress

I’m using a new plugin and need to find the source code of the featured image on the posts. After some research I found this nice little snippet of code and it works GREAT!!! Now I just need to find out how to only get the uri!! Any help would be much appreciated! Read More

WP Snippet – Duplicate Featured Image on Post and HomePage Fix

So I was working on a project and I added a featured image to the post. There was also an image in the post directly (in the single page view — single.php). So low and behold when I went to the homepage I saw the featured image display perfectly how I wanted and then BAM! the same image right next to it. WHY??? Well I didn’t have anything that told wordpress to display the featured image on the home/archive/category page ONLY and not the images in the post!!!

Until now… Read More

How to shorten / edit the manual excerpt in wordpress

So I had to figure this out for one of my clients and what a pain. I found a bunch of code out there that said they edited the length of the excerpts, but they didn’t. Then I did some research on the wordpress codex and found out some interesting things about the excerpt. THEN I finally found the code to shorten it! Read More

I HATE GoDaddy Hosting! Here are 3 reasons why.

Update 2015: I have to show GoDaddy a little respect. From the time I wrote this to now, they’ve really be making long strides and improving their service a lot, from hosting and even to support.  At this point, I think this post is more entertaining then anything. Take it with a grain of salt.

Do you host with GoDaddy?  If you do, you need to stop.  It is the worst hosting platform/interface/service I’ve ever used.  I’ve been creating websites for over 8 years now, and I’ve never gotten more angry then with sites hosted on GoDaddy!  Here’s my list: Read More

JQuery Simple Toggle Script

*UPDATE 5/21/12: Check out the Read More Read Less jQuery Simple Toggle Script

*UPDATE: IE Fix and Symantics

This is something that I use all the time.  I saved it as a doc so I didn’t have to constantly recreate it. Basically what it does is it toggles the preceding element after the sibling is clicked… WHAT?  Take a look at the code. Read More

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